Texturing problem help?

Hello all,

Well I will start off by saying yes I am a blender newbie but you can’t learn without asking some questions.

So here is my problem, I have made an object (a bullet) and then made a plane through the add menu. Now I am trying to texture the plane but when I do so it also textures the bullet. So I am confused, does this mean the bullet and plane are grouped as 1 object or how do I select the plane individually to be textured?

Thank you

when you added the plane were you still in edit mode for the bullet? if so, the plane and the bullet are the same object… delete the plane, then get out of edit mode, then re-make the plane =) hope that helps


If they are not both part of the same object, they may be sharing a material. If you’ve not already found it, the manual can be found here: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual