Texturing tileset with matching edges and no seams

Hello there, I’m currently up against a wall with creating a cave tileset with textures that don’t have ugly seams. I’m not a big texture guy, more of a sculptor, but I created a really detailed tileset layout for a cave dungeon for a game, tubular/arch-like in design with lots of stalactites/stalagmites. I then tried to mark out seams as best I could and unwrap it and use some tiling seamless textures.

However, the textures don’t match at the seams and all the tutorials I have found trying to fix this mention UV unwrapping and squaring the uv’s on the tileable texture on all the primitives before you finish modelling which is about 2 weeks of work I don’t want to have to repeat, especially since I really like how my modelling came out. I’m kind of at a loss of what to do here. Is it a wash and I need to start over or can I salvage this somehow? They don’t look so bad in Blender but in the game engine they stand out really bad, especially once the normal files are applied. I’m very willing to learn any techniques I need or if you guys have tutorials to follow for organic tilesets like this that’d be super appreciated!

does you texture image size need to be so small? I guess it doesn’t help…

Without re-doing a lot of work in your UV ( packing sections of the cave structure and constrain to the image then controlling texture size with a mapping node) I would use Texture Projection…where using Paint Mode you use your texture and paint across the UV seams with an area of the texture and it will be the same texture on the edges of the seams…try looking at this, where he paints the apple…around 15.00 into the tutorial…

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I believe you painted each region one at a time? You should enable the whole mesh for painting or at least two regions at a time (the neighboring ones) then simply paint over the seems with a very soft brush (low strength) until the seams are covered. The texture will be applied on any faces hit by the brush, even if they belong to different models. Also make sure your textures are seamless. No need to redo everything.