Texturing with the Gimp.

I’m not sure if this question is in the right forum, but it has to do with 2D. I use Gimp for the textures that I use in Blender.

My question is to anyone who uses Gimp: How do you create a good repeating texture in the Gimp?

I’ve seen some programs which allow you to move your paint brush all the way to one side of the texture and then have it appear instantly on the other edge will you paint. This creates a nice fluid pattern, instead of endless fields of squares.
Does the Gimp have something like this?

there is a filter that is called make seamless under the filter menu

Like Jordan said, there’s the “make seamless” filter, although that can still look quite odd and is certainly not useful if you want a sharp texture.

I don’t think that GIMP has anything quite like what you mentioned, however the guides system is quite mature and useable. Just make sure that you have “Snap to guides” turned off when you’re painting and use them as a visual guide instead, otherwise you’ll get very angular patterns when you venture too near one of them.
To add a guide to an image, just drag from the relevant ruler to where you want your guide to be. They’re always flat vertical or horizontal.