Texturing without good unwrapping? Ptex a thing?

What ways are there besides Ptex?

Barring procedurals, the only other way is to use image mapping with generated or object co-ords and use “box” mapping with Blend, though it will never be as effective as unwrapping.

I believe this is the one I downloaded and modified to only have 3 planes (can’t check). I hate UVs with a passion, although I can sometimes utilize them for nonconventional purposes, like aniso direction for quads or collapsing to single point to use as “random” lookup offsets.

I’m a big fan of hybrid texturing; highres image textures to base the color lookup on, driven by procedurally modified coordinates.

What are you texturing? I don’t have one solution that fits all.

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I’m a long-time vertex paint / vertex color advocate. These days, high polygon counts are no exception anymore, allowing for vertex paint to be a good UV texturing alternative. If you want to use image textures, you’ll have to project them manually though.

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I used a program years back, many years back that when unwrapping UV’s, it would take each triangle and give it’s own space on the map. Quickest unwrap, but was unable to paint the texture with a paint program. I was able to paint using blender. It might have been Ultimate Unwrap 3D. They have a fully working demo and you can find out.

If you’re after that, either Smart Project or lightmap pack would do. They are usable in Substance Painter and you could use Texture paint.