I’m horrible at texturing because the lack of textures and partly because I don’t know how to texture very good. What I ask is: Where can I find a GOOD THOROUGH uv-texturing tutorial. Also, where can I find some good textures. Thanks in advance.

hi there is a UV tutorial in my signature, it starts from the most basic, and moves through some intermediate and advanced techniques, however, at the time I made it, I was not yet terribly familiar with the new tools. the main thing being LSCM. I would start by learning the old way though, so as not to become entirely dependant on LSCM. I will be explaining LSCM soon in an addition to the current thread. Also you can do a search for LSCM.

Does it show how to unwrap or something like that.

yes it does, it shows the hard way, which is worth learning. for more immediate results though, just use LSCM.

Yesterday i stumbled over that:


/* thumbs up to the docu team */


indeed! :o
Very well written, congratulations to the author! moreover it emphasizes the use of Gimp, which is also something I’m glad of :wink:

(And congratulations to the developers of all the recent uv features, BM, blendix and all that I could have forgotten of…)