Thanator-like creature

I created this creature as a learning exercise. The design is of course inspired by the Pandora megafauna. :wink:
There have been some tasks in the character creation pipeline I always avoided in the past. So I decided to go throught every step: From sculpting to retopology, texturing and rigging.

Everything was done in Blender. The retopo-mesh is not pretty, but I am happy to have done it. Will probably try some addons like Retopoflow in the future. Textures were done with the help of the Masktools-addon. For the rig I used the Rigify addon, with some adjustments, especially in the face area.

Enjoy and please let me know, if you have any suggestions.

Pose test, with some quickly assembled environment from Megascans:

Clay render:

Textured model:

Rigged model:


Your work is recognizable.


Thanks a lot man! :slight_smile:


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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Youโ€™re #featured! :tada:

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Thank you Bart! :slight_smile:

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itโ€™s insane render!!!

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Great work, congrats.