Thanks Blender!

I just wanted to make a comment about how Blender’s development is a good thing for everyone!

Recently I was taking a look at the Maya 2011’s features just for curiosity sake and I was surprised to see that little ole Blender has made them pick up their game.

Version 2011 now includes a video sequence editor and a Node Compositor… huh? what a great idea.

My only point here is to give credit where it’s due. Thanks to Ton and the whole Open Source community for bringing about innovation, and making the big guys do a bit of catching up.

thanks everyone!:yes:

I agree with you and I must add to what you’ve said already: open-source is the future, the concept is just too advanced for some but it is gradually growing. Go for it Blender, please don’t ever become paid software. I myself have been considering donating for a while now, just didn’t get enough money for my freelance works yet, but I will very soon donate and who ever is reading this and has profited with Blender should donate as well.