Thanks, CNN...

Well I’m just sitting here fighting insomnia (and a bit of post-holiday depression) at two o’clock in the morning. A few minutes ago, in an attempt to keep myself occupied, I decided to wander over to to check up on the news. For some reason, a few of the headlines posted there gave me a chuckle. Does anyone else find anything strange about these?

“Swimsuit model survives tsunami”
Oh good. What a relief! I was so worried about those models I almost forgot about the other 60,000 people who died.

“Tsunamis shatter celebrity holidays”
How tragic. So some overrated, pampered millionaire lost one of his summer homes. Remind me again why this has its own headline?

“Scientists: Quake shifted tectonic plates”
Bravo, Sherlock. I guess that science class you took in high school finally paid off.

“Sudafed maker cuts meth ingredient”
:smiley: Probably a good idea.

“Gay marriage amendment faces debate”
And you were expecting otherwise?

“Woman auctions father’s ghost on eBay”
I don’t even know what to say about that one.

Well, anyay, I just thought I’d share some of those with you. I apologize if I’m the only one who found amusement in them (my sense of humor is a bit unusual, I’m told). I started browsing through the archives as well and there seems to be a lot of funny ones. I guess it’s just the way I interpret them. :-? Well, if I find anymore really good ones I’ll probably post them. And by all means, post your own if you want. This could get really interesting. :slight_smile:

i remeber that. those other ones are kinda funny.

Hey, I’d like to see you come up with good headlines at two in the morning! :slight_smile:


Here are a few more recent ones. This time I used Google News:

Multiple Windows Flaws Found
But Microsoft is so big! How could that be?

Authorities Look Into Shooting
I would sure hope so. Maybe now this will deter criminals from shooting people in the first place.

‘Sexiest’ plumbers vie for trip to Super Bowl
Better wax those buttcracks, boys.

Exercise good for elderly
Haven’t they already been saying this for years?

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. :smiley:

Windows was always known to have at least a few flaws, a flaw’s a flaw no matter how big the company.

Is you stupid?!

lol, I read in the paper this moring that some women sold a decade old half eated grilled cheese sandwhich on Ebay for $28,000 some dollars. She said it supposedly had the spirit of the Virgin Mary on it. Some casino owner bought it.

Another man sold 3 talbespoons of water for over $500 on Ebay. He said he had kept the frozen for sevral decades and that the water had come from a glass that Elvis supposedly drank out of at one of his concerts.

After seeing all this, I think i’ll start selling stupid stuff on ebay and say it is special. You could really make some good money doing that. :stuck_out_tongue:

The casino may have payed 38k for a sandwich, but their name was mentioned on countless networks and websites at a significant discount to what they’d pay otherwise.

That is true. I never thought of that. But could it still be worth 38 grand?

The sandwich did as claimed help her win money at a casino, they probably bought it to make money from people hoping they’ll lose more.

Always a favorite :smiley:

Maybe I should have mentioned that I was being sarcastic…

i can only discover one flaw in windows…

which is windows itself. that one is funny, superx!

Windows works exactly like it is supposed to… like a real window!

You open it up and anything can just come right in…



damn windows…making simple tasks like mounting a CD drive and unmounting a CD drivie more straight forward. And I hate how easy networking can be now! Theres nothing more annoying than sitting down with a bunch of friends at a lan and being able to play the same game with no problem.

And dont even get me started about the number of games that are supported on the windows platform. I cant STAND playing games!

And I swear, if I find one more peice of software that can run on windows I’ll kill myself.


… its made by humans.

hmmm…do i hear valar_king charging up his flamethrower…?

or is it just the wind…
(valar_king… i thought you woulda stood up for windows by now…)

that is a funny one, superx10

happy new year

I have XP, and my best friend is dead set against Window’s and the empire run by Mr. Gates. Well. Actually all of her (and her familie’s) 7 some-odd computers run '98, but hey, since when does that count as Windows? :wink:

My pc is a Dell, and I have never really used any other OS for an extended peroid of time. It came with XP, and there is one thing I do not like: I cannot boot directly into DOS without making a disk (and for some reason, I decided not to pay the $25 to have one installed when I purchased my pc).

A lot of my family works with computers (network administrator, video producer, etc.) and they work across a wide variety of platforms. They have told me, that of all the Windows versions, XP is the most stable. As of yet, I have to have my computer totally crash even ONCE! And of course you guys know I’m not doing little solitaire or Minesweeper stuff, we are talking about 3D rendering and animation!

My friend is way into video games, and they love from those '80s games right to the new ones. They complain that if they put XP on their computers they will no longer be able to play these games. But they refuse to work with XP, so how they figured that it won’t work I will never know.


Wow. I wen’t totally off topic with that last post. Sorry! :expressionless: