that "Float On" video

I’m sure by now, if you WATCH mtv or vh1, you’ve seen the FLOAT ON video - old-timey images, sheep, a farm, I dunno.

That video was obviously created with 3D software. My question is, IS this possible with Blender? (easily possible, I spose). It’s a great effect, it’s got to be easy, right?

link to the video on mtv:

blenders biggest limitation is the artists skils. only few things are technology-dependent and at the moment very difficult (time consuming) to achieve. i’m tallking about simulation stuff, like cloth, long hair and fluids. almost anything else can be done in blender easily - again, if you’re skilled and feel comfortable with the software. so i encourage you to practice until you feel that you can do anything you like :slight_smile:

No - this video seems more like a bunch of paper-dolls being animated. That’s the part I was asking about; how difficult is it to map flat images to planes and have the plane be shaped like the image?

Transparent PNG files? Any ideas?

Sorry I wasn’t specific there.

yes, either planes with alpha mapping or geometry shaped like the paper parts. no problem at all, but animation is crucial to amke it look good. good luck

Actually this Video was made with lil paper thingies and wooden sticks. Oh and the fences were straws.
There is nothing CG about that Video. But it would be cool to see a CG version of it.