That house in the hood

Two years ago I created a render called Simon’s house ( where I wanted to show a country house based on a nice concept I found.

Now, a project to create a suburban neighbourhood showed up and I decided to go deep on one of the houses to create a nice suburban scene.


I used this house also to create a 3D artist article that will be included in the next issue of the magazine and I’m sure I will use it to create future tutorials in my YT channel.
I tried to create a worn house, for references I went outside during weeks to find into which things I would be able to lean and which were the cornerstones of a realistic worn look. I’m really happy with the result. Let me know what do you think!

Besides, I included day and night lighting.
Thanks for your time!

I did everything with Blender and rendered with Cycles.
Textures from



Vaya, pensé que la primera imagen era la foto de referencia.

Reminds me of the houses in Derry in the original Stephen King’s IT movie

This is really good man. Like all the details you added to the house! keep up the god work.

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Totally, it has Derry all over it.

Congratulations, the day render looks real

Thanks. I’m rendering some close ups to realy appreciate the details

thanks! I love the night version too, hard to make the night look real for me though.
added to the original posts 2 close ups

Estan pegados a la la realidad esos renders
Que buena calidad compadre


You’re #featured! :+1:

It’s really superb.

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So, which one is the reference image and which one is the render? :+1:

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Thanks Bart!

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What magazine? Where can we find the article? And what’s your YouTube channel?

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thanks! glad you liked it.

I write on monthly basis for the 3D Artist. So this was made as the main image for the article called “12 steps to create a suburban house” :wink:

And my YT channel is:

Nice work Joni. Miss you.

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haha thanks Troy! you freaking pirate! Don’t make me say that I miss you too…
PS: The middle grey is directional, you know?

Come play with us Joni…

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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