that's pretty evil looking... really!

alrighty, added some textures to that terrible looking head so nobody thinks i’m trying to go for a human head, added some blood to the mouth along with teeth and a tongue. made the eyes less scared and more scary :wink: (in my opinion at least). now please (PLEASE) correct me if i’m wrong but that’s one freaky looking… something… haven’t actually decided what it is yet.

so lemme know what you think!
comments, suggestions, criticism, it’s all good!

look slike something i’d see in a nasty nightmare! yikes… k3wl!

ok, some comments about it being too well lit to be scary, this better?

much much better man! nice eye glow as well. bring on the rest. eyes could use some spec and hard unless that is he’s supposed to be dried and preserved like a corpse. maybe shrink down the mask just a tad to form fit his face structure a little more. a few tweaks and you should be there.

keep 'em comin!

wow that is good. the mask is a bit too big though but for the rest it is brilliant…

very nice, thats some scary stuff :o