The 2.82 denoiser is op

The new AI denoiser is absolutely awesome.
Here is a scene rendered at just 10 samples:

And here it is denoised:

The time this is saving is just absolutely awesome.
And here is 100 samples before and after:

This is saving so much time, especially for the weaker machines.

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Yes, and have you tried the viewport denoiser in 2.83 alpha? It is absolutely fantastic.


I like to render at half the samples (sometimes even just one sample) at 200% resolution, then resample down to 100% after the denoise. I feel like this gives the denoise more data than simply doing more samples.

It’s freaking magical much of the time.

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In addition I recommend doing a down resample with some sharpening, as the pixel filter in Blender tends to make images a little less crisp than what I prefer.

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There is a VIEWPORT denoiser comming soon?!! Holly wooow.

It is allready there. Just download the 2.83 Alpha. You need an RTX card.

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