The alpha channel on my eyelash's texture renders as black on my model. How do I fix?

Hey there, I’m working on making RWBY models for use in Source Filmmaker and this is my first time trying to work with alpha channels for my models in Blender. For some reason the alpha channels masking the unusued surface of the eyelash mesh isn’t working properly and renders as a black space when I go into renderview and I’m not sure why.

Here is a screenshot of what I’m talking about.

And here is a screenshot of the node setup for my eyelash material.

take the noodle from the image texture out of the transparent shader and make sure the transparent shader is pure white which is fully transparent the value will be 0 from the image I suspect where is it transparent which is black if you put it as a colour so that’s what you get :slight_smile:

What your Mix shader tells Cycles to do is:
“Wherever the texture is fully transparent (alpha = 0), exclusively use the shader that connects to the top input of the mix shader.
Wherever the texture is fully opaque (alpha = 1), exclusively use the shader that connects to the bottom input of the mix shader.
For all alpha values inbetween (0 < alpha < 1), mix top and bottom inputs accordingly.”

So, if your eyelash texture is black eyelashes on a transparent background, you have mixed up the top and bottom inputs of the Mix Shader: Transparent should connect to the top and Diffuse to the bottom input.

And even if you turn them around, Umii is right: You’re also telling Cycles to use the texture’s color information to tint the Transparent shader. If the texture is fully transparent in those areas, there is no color information available for Cycles to work with. Cycles searches for color and finds nothing. And therefore it puts out nothing and the transparent areas turn black.