The Animation Academy Contest: Advertisments

Welcome to the Animation Academy’s first contest!

In celebration of the Animation Academy’s launch, we’re starting it’s first official contest: themed advertisements.
You can make your ad of a real object, but fake objects will get creativity points.


Starting now (Nov 30). You have until January 5th to make a advertisement in Blender.


  1. Keep it family friendly, G rated. For example: all entries containing nudity, sex, suggestive themes, or gore will automatically be disqualified.
  2. It must be an animation.
  3. The length of the animation must be at least 3 seconds long
  4. All addons/scripts are allowed, with the exception of ANT landscape generator and Makehuman.
  5. The contestants will be required to provide the .blend file/files to prove its a real creation via cloud storage. (SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)
  6. Your animation must be done in the time the contest takes place. No animations from before the contest, please.
  7. All models used must be your own, made in the time the contest is taking place.
  8. You CAN use Windows Movie Maker, QuickTime, Lightworks, ect to add effects to your videos.
  9. You CAN use the Blender internal rendering engine, Cycle, LUX Render, Octan, or any other rendering engine, internal or external.
  10. Your entry must be made in blender.
How to enter: Upload your animation to YouTube or Vimeo, and post a link in the comments below.

The winner will be given a Nature Tree Pack, worth about $110* consisting of three individual realistic trees made especially for the cycles rendering engine.
These trees can be used for commercial works.

You will also get a spot in the Winner’s Hall.

Again, the deadline is January 5th.

*Prices based off of current pricing at

Hmm, looks interesting. Maybe I’ll join…

Does it have to be pure object advertisement
it can be brand image commercial too ?


  • car tires vendor. Highway , danger situation children run on the middle of road, lucky car stopped because tires XXX stick road as nothing before
  • Fast Food company - where customers select products and with smile leaving the shop
  • Scuba diving company - where people are swimming in the ocean and discover ship wreckage

It either one would be great, whichever you’d prefer.

duplicated post - delete

duplicated post - delete

Hurry up guys only two days remaining :slight_smile:

I have no idea so just look through the window and voila a new year theme commercial
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OK, the deadline is here! This ended up being more of a competition between two people, (One on this site and one on the Animation Academy site) and the winner is announced here. Thanks to all who competed!

2 tips:
First, the fireworks need motion blur. If this is Blender Internal, you need physical objects for the particles to do this. Second, why are the streaks so dramatic? They’re not moving fast enough to be that blurred.

That is gorgeous man. Statoil