The appearence of "raytraced" (updated! (AGAIN!))

(ScottishPig) #1

Yeah. Just mucking with envmaps again. It all started in #blenderchat
(Adjusted spelling to be correct)

<BloodOmen11> What should I make?
<ScottishPig> A ship.
<Kaktuswasser> lol
<Eric-> :stuck_out_tongue:

<ScottishPig> A shiney chrome ball on a checkerboard background.
<ScottishPig> =)

<RogerM3D> a shiney chome ship in a checkerboard ocean =)
<ScottishPig> That’s a damn good idea!
<ScottishPig> I wonder why I didn’t think of that.

And so it happened.

Still WIP.

(theeth) #2



(sten) #3

YAY !!

the wonderland, nice abstract stuff =D

(pofo) #4

Oooh! That’s pretty :smiley:
Since you put it in WIP there must be something unfinished on it right? What is it? Except for getting rid of the aliasing on the chequerboard pattern. pofo

(ScottishPig) #5

Well, the sails don’t reflect the masts in front of them… that is to say, the ship doesn’t really reflect itself. I only have an envmap (and a few reflection maps (HDR bubbles mapped like reflections)) applied, so it’s not completly accurate. And the bumpiness either needs to be:

a) removed or
b) effect the checkerboard pattern more.

So, WIP it is. I might change the white misty bg to a blue or something just for good measure. Or I could make it chrome instead of gold.

Lots of neat stuff to come.

(WeirdHat) #6

Cool! I wonder why it doesn’t sink, though…

(AthlonXP) #7

Very shiny 8)

cool pic :wink:

(rogerm3d) #8

Looks very nice so far. :smiley:
checkerboad aliasing (ug) :frowning:
On the checkerboard maybe make it so there are also bigger waves.
Even a checkerboard ocean wouldnt be that flat. :wink:
And you could consider making it so the chrome ship is not only gold.
And yes a blue sky might look nice
I can’t wait to see an update of that great idea. :wink: :wink:

(hmetalcowgi) #9

looks great scottishpig, i would of never thought of having a checker board ocean. Great imagination :smiley:

(ScottishPig) #10

Just a few updates.

Now for the tricky part: How do I fix the checkerboards err… horrible antialiasing? It’s an image texture and the AntiAlias button in the texturebuttons menu is already pushed in.

(bg3D) #11

hey, you set me to ignore. no response for you!

(rogerm3d) #12

U didnt add large waves to the ocean yet :frowning:
With the aliasing problem, I think theres a blender plugin that you could use :smiley:
No more gold?? :frowning: A mixture of gold and chrome was what I meant

(dreamsgate) #13

that is way cool, I love your ships. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Daniel Hudd) #14

About the aliasing, I’m not sure if this would help or not, but I’d try opening up the texture image and blurring it just slightly.

(mrmunkily) #15

Scottishpig, Use the motionblur-rotating-camera-DOF trick, but make the circles of confusion very very small, subpixel in fact. you can get a lot more ‘antialias’ effect out of that, it’s worth a shot.

(basse) #16

oh, I like the last picture… very calm looking…
I’m waiting for some ripples on the water though… waves… something…
perhaps make a glass dolpin jumping out of the water, just near the chrome ship sailing the seas of checkboardtexture.


(S68) #17

I like both, but I think the golden ship has more mood than the chrome.

To solve for the checkered floor… that’s uneasy:

You have placed a BUMPmap to fake waves, haven’t you? This affects the Envmap but does not affect the checkered texture simply because the EnvMap goes with normals while the checkered tex goes with surface, and the surface is effectively flat.

My suggestion is to have a surface which is NOT flat.

Easiest way:

1 - Take the plane.

2 - Subdivide it as much as possible (You can reach the 64k Vertex Limit easily.

3 - Note that this CAN BE NOT ENOUGTH - you must have vertices closer than your wavelets are. At least 3-4 verices between two subsequent wave tops.

4 - Use the ‘Noise’ button in mesh edit. This converts your ‘Nor’ map in actual displacement.

5 - Re render


(bmax) #18

not ANOTHER ship… :stuck_out_tongue: - well, its pretty damn good if you ask me! keep going, i admit its an original idea with the chrome, etc.

(ScottishPig) #19

1024x768 (GOLD, by popular demand.)

BTW: All these renders ARE blender- for those of you who think I’m really raytracing.

(S68) #20


And now add a Emerald Whale!