The Apple Barrel

This is only an interior render, e.g. through the viewpoint shading, at 50.

It was just a quick thing to make sure the lighting is correct. So before I resign my computer, a clunker, to 12 hours to render this if I’m lucky is there anything I should change???

There’s a fall background scene which can’t really be seen until higher pass numbers. I’ve seen it via lower resolution.

The sliced apple looks as if the inside of the apple is coming up and the skin back, usually fruit I don’t believe looks like this also I think the skin is a little thick almost pepper-ish.

The apple on the far left also doesn’t seem right too me it looks amols a little too round imo. And I can’t tell what the outside image is due to the low samples of the viewport rendering.

Other than that, I like lighting and texturing though, they both look really great! And come together well with the scene keep it up!

Looks a little dark, but it’s really hard to comment without a proper number of samples.

Nice texturing, the handle of the bucket looks to thick imo

I agree with ChrisX the handle of the bucket and mabye make its material a little bit more realistic, BUT it is hard to say with that low samples.
Keep it up

I’m not quite sure by “little dark” as that’s the intent. This is an interior scene without light directly on the window as per how one would expect a setting sun.

As for the handle, it is too thick to an extent however I prefer it that way. That basket/barrel in real life could weigh 10-20lbs once loaded. A finger-thin handle isn’t going to handle such weight easily. Most have a wide wooden hand grip on a thin metal handle in this sort of thing but I didn’t feel like adding more wood as it’s detract from the scene.

Another image at 2000 passes. I’ll have to bump the passes up to remove the “fireflies”.

Still a ton of noise. What settings are you using?

Love the bucket’s and texturing.

Sky is grey, feels weird. Lighting doesn’t seem to be the best at the moment, can’t describe.

I think the bucket needs a nice hole for the handlebar. Doesn’t look like that plank has a hole drilled in it.

Maybe the apples could be shinier?

Two apples (left of the bucket) have the same dark spot in the same spot (minor).

Random dark spot on the table / counter to the left (minor/nothing).

(If light’s passing through the glass window plane, maybe light path node + transparency to get rid of some noise? or is that another screenshot of the viewport rendering?)

Well done for texturing and lighting.
I think that some glossy on the apple skin and some sss for the pulp will be a nice improvement.
Maybe you can replace the actual background by a sunrise (or a sunset), because the lighting is incompatible with the background.

One last thing, can you share the .blend file on blendswap? The render will be improved faster.

Well,glossliness of apples are not very good.Did you really spend 12 hours to render this?

I don’t think so. If you mix two shaders like glossy (roughness: 0.150) and diffuse, the final shader is pretty good.

I might be insulted if you actually posted stuff on the forums [grammar too], but a quick search shows you comment but don’t post your own work. So your comments are cute but ignorant. An apple isn’t blindly glossy in any sort of light unless it is bright light - as most photos of apples are.

Go to the local store if you don’t have one in your house and have a look before yipping.

Half the problem I’ve noticed on this forum is that people have absolutely NO clue how light / shadows work in real life and so their work is very artificial.

Finished version.

Nothing’s happening inside that barrel. Kill the reflection on the glass. Put a specular point light-source behind the camera to the camera-operator’s right shoulder, and make it bluish. It should bring-out the inside texture of the barrel, and highlight the fruit, and it should not​ be visible in the glass.

Also give a small soft-box light source at the end of the windowsill (to the camera operator’s left side, waist high) pointing down toward the wall and lightly illuminating it. Use a cyan shade. You now have a three-point light setup.

The cut-apple looks (yuck!) stale. In a real photo-shoot I’d be grabbing my (glycerin) “water drops” bottle and spritzing the fruit.

1, You’ve obviously never been near a clean window. Reflections are part of everyday occurrence with clean windows.

2, the lighting is as it’s supposed to be. It is not midday it is evening. A mirror reflection of texture and lighting to what the original painting was.

3, as said this is based off an original painting. I’m not going to change it to be fancy - there isn’t supposed to be anything “going on” in the barrel. Ever looked at an apple barrel… gravity would pull the apples directly against the bottom / sill most side. They’re not doing acrobatics.

sorry for the double post.

I don’t want to speak for tahnk, but I believe you may have misinterpreted his criticism. It read to me that he felt the glossiness was a little off and was surprised that your computer took 12 hours to render the image. And wasn’t criticizing the quality of the artistry involved. At least that is how I took it. It also seems like English is his second language so it seemed to me that your response was unnecessarily harsh.

2000 seems like a huge number of samples to me. Even on really high res images I never do above 800. You could try making the image larger and clicking on “no caustics” and setting the clamp up to something like 5, this always cleans up my images a huge amount. Hope that helps.

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