The Art and Animation contest on Cartrdge

Hey all! I wanted to post about a contest we’re running on Cartrdge. Themed “Art and Animation,” each submission will be an entry that displays your skills in - you guessed it - art and animation! We chose this theme because of the important role that both of these things play in a video game, and even more so to encourage collaboration and engagement in the community. We know that many of you can do one but not the other, and so we very much encourage you to team up for this contest. We have some great prizes, including gift cards from us as well as software licenses from our awesome sponsors Allegorithmic and SideFX. We’ve also got a fantastic panel of judges, including folks who’ve worked on The Witness, Firewatch, Duelyst and a bunch of Ubisoft franchises!

For some background, Cartrdge is a portfolio site for creatives in the video game industry. Artists, Game Designers, Animators, Composers; everyone is welcome, and we support all types of media to make sharing work easy for as many creatives as possible.

If you want to participate but are looking for a partner, we created a Slack channel just for the contest where people can teamup:

Hope to see you all there, and good luck everyone!

Hi all, just wanted to quickly bump this as we changed the rules of the contest - solo entries are now allowed!

Have a great weekend everyone :slight_smile: