the assassin corn

hi blenderheads im working on this… I appreciate the comments and suggestions, It is a particle system , it is my turn to make changes in the skull so that there is more variety and adjust the vertices to avoid overlap, any suggestions to lessen the job? :D:D:D


fleeeee! It’s the cob of DOOM!

The first one has too much overlapping (as you said), the second one too much empty space. Maybe you could engage this problem by filling the gaps with some material so the skulls are more sunken into the main part, and surrounded by said fillings. Like real corn cobs. Sorry, english isn’t my native language, hope its still clear enough what i mean. Nonetheless, good job and nice idea. Looking foreward to your next render. Keep it up!

well im still working on it, thanks for your appreciations, english is not my native language either hehe, i have to work in the tentacles, yep are tentacles :yes: and maybe some strange and green liquid for some gaps and holes in the skulls, happy blending

whoa very cool! i like variations of the skulls and missing jaws. the colors are really nice too, would love to see this in a complete scene of some kind!

The skulls in the last render looks pretty amazing, nicely done!

almost done, i want to improve the light and make some litle changes in the tentacles, what do you think?

It looks great!!
I think the green thing that covers the corn doesn’t look real, the texture just doesn’t look right. In addition, the red color and the green color doesn’t fit together. so I would make the green cover of the corn a little bit more reddish. Also, the background doesn’t look real. I would think about making some part in 3d and not just a photo.

I love “absurdity.” I love to say, “WTF?!” with a big smile on my face.

(Is this stuff “RoundUp® Ready?” Monsanto would not be pleased …) :no:

The only thing that I would change about this picture is the corn-field backdrop. Or, change the lighting on the rendered scene (perhaps just by quick-rendering some kind of overlay that you can composite onto what you’ve got …) so that the lighting on the rendered ear of corn is closer, both in tonal-range and in color-temperature, to that backdrop. If intense sunlight is hitting the “other” pieces of corn, blowing-out or almost-blowing-out the tops of the leaves, then it should be doing the same for “this piece of corn,” too. The temperature (color …) of the sunlight should be the same, too.

As I said, I think that you can achieve these changes without re-rendering. Adjust the color balance of the render output, generate masks covering various parts of the object, splash some light onto these masks, and use the light-channels thus generated to mimic the effect of how the light is now falling upon the backdrop objects, so that it no longer looks like a backdrop.