The Assimilator's Torch (living space warship)

Disclaimer : I’m not jumping on the spaceship bandwagon, I jumped on it a long time ago and never got off…

The Assimilator’s Torch is a creature called a spline, from Stephen Baxter’s “Xeelee” and “Destiny’s Children” novel sequences. Spline evolved on an ocean planet and grew to enormous sizes, eventuallly modifying themselves (or were modified by someone else) for space flight. They “hire” themselves out as warships to anyone who wants them. They must return to their homeworld to give birth, otherwise, they are perfectly adapted to the vacuum (even growing their own hyperdrive engines internally).

Early stages, everything subject to change. Not happy with the way the logos intergrate onto the “hull”, but I couldn’t think of a better method. Lots more to add on : torpedo launchers, docking ports, sublight engines, etc. Crits welcome.

I remember the Spline!

Nice grey wrinkled skin. I agree, the logos do not integrate well.

Update : modified the logs so that they are embedded into the hide rather than stuck on it, I think this works a bit better. Also added a torpedo launcher, habitat modules (I’ll link these with access tunnels) and altered the background/post-pro.

Yes, that is an improvement! Impressive.

Thanks !
Slight modification to the skin texture (had some vertical striation), linked the habitat modules and added a docking port. Just the engines and observation domes to do.

maybe for the logo you could have it carved into its skin!