The attachment manager lacks the option to delete unwanted images and thumbnails

Hello -

As the title suggests, at this time the Attachment Manager lacks some important features. It shows up like this on my end :

The problematic scenario goes as follows.

  • I just posted a thread, in which I included 3 images fetched from imgur URLs using the “insert image” button.
  • The three images got correctly uploaded and appear properly in the post.
  • I then decided to go back to the post to delete 2 out of the3 images to replace them with direct links to help with the overall readability of the post.
  • Problem : the two deleted images still show up as full size “thumbnails” at the bottom of my post, as seen here :

There are multiple issues :

  • The “thumbnails” show up as full size, as shown in the above screenshot
  • There seems to be no way to delete unwanted attachments to a post (they show up as thumbnails even when not port of the post itself).
  • Overall, the attachment system is a bit of a chore to deal with. It is great in theory since it guarantees that images will not disappear if the OP deletes the online source, but in practice it is awkward to use and makes post less clear than they could be because of the un-removable thumbnails and their full-size display.

Additionally, the text editor (when writing or editing a post) does not display the actual size that inline images will be displayed as. This results in an editor that is not wysiwyg at all, meaning that post formatting is awkward and annoying. The text field for the editor is also too short, even in Advanced mode. it should show at least 2 or 3 times many more lines of text. Small/Medium/Original options for inline images are also needed, and the background color of the text input field should be closer to that of the actual forum bg.

Thank you for your time.

Duplicate attached images with inline images was a known issue, but I was pretty sure that’d been fixed. Will need to check. As for an attachment still being listed even if it’s not in the post, I think that is in indication that you haven’t remove the attachment from your post. You should still be able to remove it without issue.

Regarding the text editor, some of that is what it is… but you can easily resize the text editor if you need to have more space. There’s a handle for resizing it in the lower right and corner.

Hello and thank you for the quick support.

  • I am happy to confirm that I did manage to delete the unwanted attachments. The little “x” button is hard to find, it could be argued that there is no good reason to autohide it - Having it be always on would be more clear.
  • Thank you for the tip about text field resizing, I had no idea that it was possible since it is not an usual feature on other forums. Very good.

Some issues remain :

  • If attachments are kept in a post but not inserted as inline elements, they still show up at full size instead of being shown as small thumbnails like they should be.
  • Even without medium/small/original options, the text input field should at least show inline images at a display size closer to that of the way the will show up in the final post.
  • Similarly, at the very least links should be orange instead of dark blue in the text input field - again for the sake of being as close as possible to the final look of a post.

Thanks !

Agreed on the autohide. Top right corner of each in post specific attachments for anyone wondering. Another check on editing is to Ctrl F the ATTACH tag.