The Aviator

I decided to try out box modeling and this is what became of it. I how to fully detail the guy as I go along. Though right now I’m working on his anatomy.

My biggest problem (that I know of) is the legs.


  • finish and detail legs
  • finish and detail hands

Then I move onto the next sebd level and detail some more, etc.

Critique is definitely welcome. Updates will be forthcoming as I have time.

Not much to comment on yet. Basic shape looks good and proportions seem to be correct. Can we see a side image to see if the balance looks good?


Here go…

That was another of my worries. I didn’t want to give him the hunched back look you see cartoon rabbits reared up on their back legs. So I pushed him into a standing position.

Again, my main concern is the legs and how the muscles in the legs (roughly) would be layed out.


I changed the legs a little. They are still in the tweaking stage so they may change again.

I liked the legs before

Copy that frameworld, back to the old with a detailing update. (I didn’t like the new ones either.)

I am rethinking the claws. Yay or nay?

i like the claws

Looks like I’m going to keep the feet and claws… Isn’t this the focused critique forum? What happened to the moderation (not that I don’t mind the comments, guys, keep em coming)?


Update, muscle toning. This guy has started to work out. Onto the hands. Ugh…


Very interesting, nicely proportioned! the head needs to be angular for the look I think you are going for. I would like to see the back please.

Roger and roger. Give me a moment to get the backside for you and I’ll post in a moment (thankyou!).


Here’s the updated front and the back for yah! Are you speaking angular as in a snake head? (almost a snake head?) Or something else?


Are you speaking angular as in a snake head?

Or lizard like, but then again this is your model. I am more cartoony with my style anyway. I really like the large groove in the back give a somewhat animal like quality while retaining its humanoid biped roots. Nice.

Aye, I’ll do almost that! I’ll upload a pic when I get home to show you what I have in mind!


Aright, here’s the pic I promised

I’m checking out the lizard angle to see how well it goes over.

Tell me what you think of the poor quality scanned image!

Okay, so its like a snake then? the face needs to be a slight bit longer to fit in all the detail and still be smooth. I think the back is arched a little bit to much. It makes the hips look like they are pushed and the ass look. . . well, large.

Oh, and I always forget, but can I see the wires? I just want to make sure that every poly is used to its fullest!

i like it the way it is

Front and back shots to show progress plus wire for the man who asked.

I’ll render off one with no sub-d on it as well.

Framedworld - worked over the ass as hard as I could… Hope it works out well.


Blocked out the head and have comparison shots of it. One closeup, and two size comparisons, front and back.


Final update for this morning *cof.

Head and body shots.