The Ballerina

Well this took awhile. Had all different types of rigs which made it a little harder. Was always getting a little confused on the animation. Thanks to my buddies for helping me rig these bad models. Still working on my animation skills. I can see that I have a long ways to go, but I do see some improvement. I wish I could get myself to make these a little shorter as rendering takes a long time. But then again, when you’re telling a story, it does take a little time.

I promise the next one will be better, and hopefully shorter.

Hope that you enjoy this one.

There is something endearing about the ballerina character in this. The character movement is a little unrealistic at times, but overall I liked it. Nice work.

The character movement is apparent but there’s a lack of facial emotion in the video. Here’s what I would suggest. Record the video of the conversation before the dance. Then take that footage and use it as a reference. That way you can capture it better.

Yeah I think that will help the next time. Plus a little bit better facial rigging.