The Balls at night (my first work in blender)

Hi! I’ve been playing around in blender for the past month and I am making an animation. The animation itself is about two stress balls, its sorta like luxo jr., yada yada… Anyways, this is a still of the two characters from it. It looks kinda lifeless right now. What do you guys think of it? I think its pretty good considering I’m twelve. This took me a day to make. They are on a wood floor near some stairs. In the animation, the little ball is afraid to go down the the stairs.

-July 5fth Hey! I’m back! I’ll update the picture, sorry I haven’t been updating this. I’ve had to redo the animation system a couple of times which has kept me busy. I’ve just started blocking it out. Enjoy! P.S. I added a new story element of a superball, which the little one plays with. Thats what the new ball is. I really hope this isn’t infringing on Luxo jr. too much. The story for mine though involves the first half and concept of father and son are similar. P.S. I’ve included the old one below for comparison.



You’re on your way to a good start. I’d maybe try and put something behind them (stair case railing and such) to give the sense of height and where they are. It all depends on how much you want to do. I might do a shot looking up from down the stairs a bit, to give that sense of height as well, and then just put a wall along the one side and a railing on the other to start.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll put in a railing.

i like the texturing, and lighting :smiley: are you using 2.49, or a version of 2.5?

May the Blending Force be with you :smiley:

Poofo it is wonderful to see someone your age working on this! You are on the right track following in the footsteps of Pixar, and I think your idea of using stress balls is very creative. I like your picture, though I agree it does look lifeless. That will be fixed when it is moving! Concentrate on the bouncing ball, make it stretch and squash and have weight. Nice arcs.
Here is a tutorial I did when I started in animation:

Listen if you need any help at all, post in the support forums, and I will be sure to help. Feel free to PM me and alert me to your question. I think you will find lots of help and support from these forums.

Thanks for all the positive feedback!
meshweaver: I’m using 2.5, glad you like it!

3dementia: Thank you so much. You also told me about hooks, you really helped me there. I checked out the tutorial, it seems pretty helpful. Thanks!

this area is for finished works.

Don’t mind him Poofo, he lives in a cave. What can you expect?


ha ha yeah. He kinda has a point though. I’ll update my first post tomorrow with the railing, but for 3d work I have to use my dad’s laptop, which he is using (I have a lil netbook, I tried blender on it; not a good idea) so I don’t have access to the file.

bwahaha, funny.

I still stand by it. It must be annoying for someone foreign to Blender to come at “Finished Works” to evaluate what the software is capable of and navigating through lots of unfinished, juvenile posts about Cubes, Invisible Monsters and plain boring balls… the guy will understand why Maya is superior and Blender for kids only…

I agree with you on the blue backgrounds and the cubes. This is not the gallery though. And he is not the first one to post something with just two simple objects.
Anyway I was just poking fun at you namekuseijin :). Trying to keep it lighthearted. Poofo I’m sure we will see great things from you someday. Just take it slow, and celebrate each baby step. :yes:

Thanks! I know what you guys mean. I really should have put this in the WIP section.

I updated it! Animation is going slow but steady.