The Batcave

I’m a huge batman fan, almost every project i’ve done has something to do with batman. I’ve made things like the different bat symbols, the batarang, the utility belt, riddler trophies, grapnel gun, the bat signal and the tumbler. Even my first character was batman. When I want to practice my modelling/texturing i usually end up searching for batman stuff. I was planning on making a batwing but I ended up creating the batmobile from the 1989 movie.

Feel free to comment and give suggestions.

Nightwings Motorcycle:

Most recent batcave render:

Current Animation:


Looking good so far, keep it coming! I’m eager to see it textured!

I was able to work on this a bit today. I created a simple jet nozzle thats also rigged using a tutorial from blender cookie. I also started adding things like the head lights and vents as well as the compartment for the machine gun (not sure if i’ll be making the actual gun). I also added some low poly pipes, valves and misc objects for the side. They are just place holders right now until i can find some better references to be able to determine what parts they actually are.

I’m not sure if i’ll give it a fresh paint job or have it a bit rusted/scratched so I didn’t really work on the shader last night. I did create a quick one just to see if it would show any more detail than just the clay render. It shows the machine gun and front turbine compartment a bit better but I think ill stick to just clay renders for now.

Looking really good so far! Are you going to model the interior?

Im thinking of doing the interior. I haven’t looked at to many photos of the interior (especially the seats) but i found this.

Thats a LOT of buttons. Good luck if you do choose to model it all :smiley:

This is as far as I got today. Most of the work was on the front half.

-front, cockpit and rear separated into their own objects
-added more panels and detailed existing ones
-modified the hood of the car
-changed the front turbine a bit
-back tail lights added (maybe too small)

As you can see the back half still needs a lot more attention. The fins have to be redone, the trunk needs to be finished, the exhaust needs to be created and the lights need to be scaled up.


Nice to see someone is modeling this thing. It’s always been really cool bat car.
And it’s good to see that the modeling is top notch so this looks awesome already!

Very nice work Dragonrlh, well modeled, and the paint looks nice too!

I have just one criticism to make: the front of the car is a bit too high (thick) respect to the original, both in the side rostrums that in the nose, and I think the turbine is too small.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks IconW and sourvinos.

I’m using this blueprint to model the mail parts of the car. Things like the compartments, jet nozzle and turbine are made by looking at reference images of the vehicle in the movie, replicas and toys.

I dont plan on working on this very much today but I think ill work on the turbine more and then start creating the interior.

I made these the other night, didn’t take long, just a couple of minutes. The first row are gauges/speedometers, the second are buttons, third row are switches and then LED’s and a key. I’m not sure if i will even show the inside so they are just going to be low poly for now.

Just wanted to show the new turbine (left). Its about twice as big and a bit more detailed than the old one (right).

I wont post any images of the interior until tomorrow or later.

Looking good, I like the new turbine. Recently saw a documentary on when they made the movie, and it was wonderful to see the car in action.

EDIT: The key for ignition made me laugh, really, I can figure Batman rummaging in his pocket to find it!


Hey can we see some wireframes of this beast?
And yeah, the new turbine definitely looks better! Waiting to see what you are going to do with the interior.

Wasn’t planning on working on this all day but thanks to your comments it looks better now. I tried to match the photo you provided but I kinda liked how it was to begin with so I picked somewhere in the middle.

Here’s the wires you asked for… the topology was a lot better before i started cutting in the vents and compartment. Overall I think its decent but those horizontal vents could defiantly be refined.

I might as well post what I got done with the interior before i started doing the changes to the outside. It was mostly just arranging the objects i created earlier onto panels that i will place on the dashboard.

Thank you for the wire frames! And don’t worry. Those look absolutely just fine :slight_smile:
Nice to see that you have some progress with the interior too. Looks really good. :smiley:
Keep up!

No work was done on this today because I was out of town but before i went to bed last night I ended up doing the blender cookie shader forge tutorials. Obviously the car paint shader wont be used because its too glossy but I will probably keep the brushed metal.

I was too tired when I got home from work today so I only managed to make the tire treads, hopefully I can get a decent amount of work done on this.

This is spectacular! It’s my favorite batmobile ever. In fact it’s the only one I’ve liked much at all besides the most recent. I still like this one more. Didn’t this one split into a bat bike too at some point? It would be amazing if you did that too.

The comment about the batmobile key was spot on too by the way. I can imagine batman falling on his batmobile key a la Garth. Might I suggest: batkey?