The Beast!

Hi guys!
Here is my last workI made in Blender.
Rendered in Cycles.

This work took me a lot, but I’m totally satisfacted about cycles capability, especially about the material editor.
Here is my gallery on Artstation LINKFor any question, don’t esitate to ask!

Here the full HD videos of the entire project, exepct UVs (uv are boring)

Hope you like!

Incredible! An awesome amount of details and wonderfully done materials. The character itself is quite original and the structure of it works perfectly. Top notch, really.

daaamn. 5 stars. Appreciate you sharing the videos too. very interesting.

wow! i guess the other guys working on the Blender Guru character competition can quit working now :wink: i’ve bookmarked the vids for watching later. great job!


Great stuff!

Really great character. If I were to nitpick then the rope looks fake-it’s too smooth and maybe some little hairs sticking out of it would help.

Amazing work,


Great work!! Grats!

Really badass. Hope one day high frequency detailing and texture painting will be more manageable in blender too, would be great to pull out such subject straight from it.

thankyou guys!

@marcoG_ita indeed. But really I7m very impresed by Cycles and its speed lately… those 2 images took less than 20mins to render via CPU… thats great!

Professional work! Many thanks for the making-of vids!

zbrush is a very goop program!

Really great job :wink:

I think you could add more SSS and fur on the character.
For the fur, it’s really easy on blender and cycles manage the fur easilly.

I made a little video to show a simple technique if you’re interested >

Awesome work man, you are a “Blendmaster” !!!

Wuoh … im very impressed. All done in blender ? … this is mind expanding. Thx alot ( for the vids ) :slight_smile:

He did some parts in zBrush. But impressiv none the less. Great work Max! One of the best i’ve seen in Blender so far.


Nice character indeed. And very helpful videos, I enjoyed them all. :slight_smile:
Worth time invested in a great result.