The Bed of our Dreams

I recently have a little bit of time for myself, so i made this personal project between two clients work. i try to make the perfect bed for me and my girlfriend, we both are geeks, the all Marvels/dc stuff is actualy more her thing, while the musical theme is mine. i also try to push the limits of realtime rendering in Blender Eevee using the recent ssgi addon and some reflection probe to get rid of ssr artefacts and unwanted hdri reflections, i even find a way to have miror reflecting a miror reflecting the reflection in the other miror… inception moment.

this is a work in progress, i was thinking adding and play with caustics materials, maybe also adding some African spice and flavour since there are my roots… feel free to comment, make critics, ask questions/suggestions


Looks awesome!

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thanks, any critics?

some textures look a bit off, like the closet, the floor and the bathtub. The carpet needs more “hairs” and the bed sheets more subdivisions. Keep adding the details, maybe more imperfections and maybe try another light setup - I only see white outside the window ^^. keep it going.

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Wonderful job! The laptop needs a bumpier, more reflective metal though and the TV looks odd. I think adding imperfections to the TV would make it look much more real.

I’m really not experienced at giving critique which is why I went without it at first, but if I had to say something it’s that the wooden texture, in some way I can’t explain, gives away that it’s a render. The rest looks pretty photorealistic to me, just the wood gives off the “computer game” vibe if you know what I mean. Depending on what your goal is you might want to change that.
Also, the edge of the “thing” above the bed (I’m not a native speaker) seems a bit sharp, is it beveled?
Lastly, the rug by the bathtub looks a bit like it’s going into the bathtub rather than going under or stopping right at the edge.

Those are details, I do think that your renders are very pleasing to the eye and I hope I can achieve that level one day :slight_smile:

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thanks, i will work on it.

i’m not a native english speaker either, french is my primary language. and you?