the bench for today's business live...

this is my comment on fees and taxes in our daily live:
BAAAAAAAAH !!! [copy and paste that damn Tripod link if it’s not workin’ ]

i would like to hear your comments, too.
don’t take that too serious :wink:


Really nice model,

what happens when time is over? Points simpli pop out again or there is also an electrical discharge?

(BTW 10 min. -> 5 euro 310 = 30 min. -> 35 = 15 euro, 20 euro > 15 euro, only fools would put 20 euros to rest half an hour)

Not to mention fakirs


Or people afraid they’d forget to put another five in after 10 min.

  1. pofo

Thanks for your comments :smiley:

Interesting social commentary- and I agree. Wanna see a mess of fees and overcharges? If you receive a typical US phone bill, you start out with a base charge for the line (which is actually reasonable), and by the time all of the fees and taxes are added in, it can increase the cost by a substantial amount. The DMV is another culprit with its annual vehicle ownership tax and associated fees.

ROFL! It’s sooooo funny! Interesting point of view! It would be pain in neck to sit down, hoping to remember paying enough! lol! Now I understand how it’s like to have taxes, etc. :slight_smile:

ouch! I assume putting in money makes the spikes go away. Who would want to sit there! :smiley:

I’d be very nervous when sitting on that bench
probably ovecharging the thing to make sure i don’t suddenly run out of
time and I get stung by all of those spikes :slight_smile:
I like the picture and the idea

  • Stungun

haha! hmm… looks tempting… nice made =) ouch!

Any chance I could borrow that bench
watching my cheapskate boss on that thing would make my day. :wink: