The best Open Source Program?

Okay, what do you think are the greatest Open Source programs?

You can rank them in any way you want, based on any qualifications, like number of users, maturity, professional competition, et.c.

Here is my ranking, based on a combination of many factors:

  • Apache
  • Linux
  • Firefox
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Azureus
  • Wiki
  • the GIMP
  • Blender

What do you think?
(This is the first of a couple off-topic threads I have up my sleeve.)

edit: forgot ff!

Oh, Blender. Definitely. Blender wins. It’s best. No kidding.

Blender is cool. Blender is free. Yessir I think it’s for ME!

BTW, good topic! :slight_smile:

I can’t get Azureus to work :frowning:

  1. Linux
  • powering my computer :slight_smile:
  1. Apache
  • powering the web !
  1. Wiki
  • the web revolution
  1. Blender
  • the nicest interface :slight_smile:
  1. OpenOffice
  • allowing linux for the masses
  1. Firefox
  • Spreading the open source word, and pushing new technologies :slight_smile:
  1. Nicotine
  • Music !
    8 ) Tux-Paint
  • At least it doesn’t claim being professional. (just my 2cent gimp bashing :wink: )

You need valid torrent files. Also, some routers block bittorrent connections. Since you’re only 11, my guess is maybe your dad doesn’t want you downloading GBs of hardcore.

  1. Mac OS X & Linux
  2. Blender
  3. GIMP
  4. Python
  5. OpenOffice
  6. Azureus
  7. Wiki

I’m grading on terms of project scale primarily and then on how much I use the software. I would never put Azureus above Blender. It’s only a file transfer program.

OSX isn’t OSS. Part of it is, granted, much of what makes it “OSX” is not. And most of it’s not GNU/GPL. Everything listed is. It’s often unclear what people mean when they say “open source” anymore. IMAO “open source” means anything under an OSI approved license, like BSD, GPL, LGPL, MPL and MIT. Some people just think of “open source” as “gpl.”

And “Linux” (as delivered distros are today) isn’t #1 in my book. Far from it. Too much disunion, too many soapboxes, too many high horses and too many bigots. (and for those who think I’m a bigot, I’m not: I hate all OSs equally :P)

I vote blender. Great app. Great unity. Great developers. Non-bloatware. 'nuff said.

Second is Gentoo as a tool not a distro. The term “linux” is too vague methinks. Portage is great and it makes as a whole for a very customizable experience.

the gimp and blender are awesome

In no particular order

no order

  1. Streamtuner
  2. ?

MySQl (makes the world go around)
Linux as a combo to MySQL but more flexible

Blender for personal reasons

Gimp for film reasons

Open Office i use it a lot

Abyss (webserver: opensource, for linux, windows and macintosh, find it better then appache)

The only ones I have adequate experience with are Linux and Blender. I’ve had The GIMP since October, but I get too frustrated with it to use it regularly.

Emacs !!!oneeleven!one!!!
Why is there no blender mode for emacs? /me is going to learn LISP

Emacs? I hope you meant Vim.


wow…you back jK ?

how are you :slight_smile: ?

I hope you are well,
take care!

I just say , Blender! (along side linux)

wow…you back jK ?

how are you :slight_smile: ?

I hope you are well,
take care!

I just say , Blender! (along side linux)[/quote]

back is a big word, but see my Too cool thread in Finished Projects.

Good OSS:

and probably more…


That’s the ignorance of the vim crowd. There is a vi-mode in emacs just use that. :stuck_out_tongue:
I have never heard of vim emulating emacs.

Emacs: great platform, but the text editor could use some work :wink:

Oh man, is it Friday yet?

I only list what I have personal experience with- others might be great, but haven’t used them directly:

linux ( the kernel folks )
gecko+anybrowser (moz, firefox, epi, galeon, etc. they’re all good)
hal+dbus+gvm (project utopia stack)

many more!