The best way to learn?

I DLd and have been playing around with Blender or about a week now and am wondering what the best way to really get deep in the program is.

Honestly, is it worth buying the 2.3 Manual now that 2.4 is out? Is there anything in there that I can’t find online? I have gone through a few tutorials online but it seems that some assume that you know some things already. I would like to find something that gets deep into the program.

I’m not looking for a fast track but I would like to know what thigns are out there and what’s the best way to learn more.

Thanx and Merry Christmas!!

See the first link in my sig.


also, in the blender documentation, there is a tutorial that should get you pretty well started. its what i did first anyway. :slight_smile:

Writed down a list of keyboard commands that you frequently use, and stick it next to the computer monitor.

Remember: one hand on the keyboard, the other on the mouse.

Practice, practice, practice.