The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 1)

This would make QuadRemesher a dream to use.


The operator is still there and somehow works (can be acceded through the F3 search > “mask by color”) but yes, the brush itself doesn’t seem to work properly.


Tried it and it works. Thanks. Hoping the brush is fixed.

Expand tool works on color.

If you need to use search to use mask by color operator, you have to create a shortcut to use expand tool to expand color from paint brush.

You can use the tool to fill mask directly but you can use it to fill face sets.

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Just out of curiousity. If Multi res was to be redone the way Pablo recommended to add the features like vertex color painting on higher subdivision level, baking ao, curvature, copying mask from one mesh to another that has multires and other features, how long do you guys think that will take? Like a year? two years?

It had been a while since I had some time to enjoy Sculpt Mode, but here’s a new scene, which can be downloaded from the Blender Demo Files page.


Anyone know how sculpting brushes work in the asset browser? They have a “make asset” option if you right click, but they don’t show up anywhere in the actual browser.

Overall I don’t get the asset browser. “Make Asset” marks a thing as an asset… but only inside the current file? The whole point is to have a global database with reusable stuff in it, so shouldn’t “Make Asset” send that asset to that global database you defined in preferences?

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Probably, but not everyone wants a global database all the time so I’d probably still prefer making things assets in the current file.

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Looks like brushes are not supported yet… :thinking:

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Yes. Brushes are representing a big chunk of work to do.
Blender File Display mode of outliner is not making distinctions between sculpt brushes, texture paint / vertex paint /weight paint brushes and grease pencil brushes (drawing or sculpting).
So, that is not surprising Julian tries to set-up basis for asset manager with data less complicated to deal with.

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Is there a way to create mask or face set by curvature?
Say you have a sculpted surface and you want to mask the surface by curvature at one go. Is this possible?
The expand mask by curvature doesn’t seem to work and I am guessing isn’t for this purpose?

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I don’t get it too buddy. “Mark Asset” should automatically add that asset to a global library. Oh and adding assets via “shift + a” should be a thing.


Pablo is currently adding a new global expand operator that will replace old expand mask operators.
Situation in master is that both operators (new Expand (shift alt A) and old expand mask by curvature (usable if called by using search)) are present and should work.
It works for me.

But yes. If it does not work for you, you are stuck and should try Face Sets tools.
There is a Dirty Mask operator based on pointiness but without settings, it is rather useless.

Did you guys see what they did with the “trim brush” (well, it’s called “mesh project brush” actually) in newest update of zbrush? I hope blender trim brush reaches this level once


Tbh, I’m tired of all these new brushes rushing in when brush management is still in shambles


Thanks for the info.

Which Blender version are you using?

But I am not talking about expand by curvature. I am taking about mask by curvature/face set by curvature for the entire surface of a sculpted mesh with settings that can be tweaked.
I also think convert vertex colors to face sets, copy face sets/ mask from one mesh to another especially if they have the same topology would be very useful.

It would be nice if we could speak to the devs here so they can give their opinions on what they think about these suggestions and whether it is something that can be implemented or not. Is there somewhere this can be done? If I recall, blender devs usually create threads here to discuss the features they are implementing in Blender.

Painting vertex colors works hand in hand with multi res especially with how optimized multi res is currently with performance. Very high poly sculpted mesh is required for sculptors who create models for films or games where details are very important and its great to see Blender taking steps towards this. Just wished multi res was created with vertex painting in mind when it was improved. We will just have to wait.

I must say it is really nice to be able to create tools by yourself if you can code for certain things you want in Blender. I am beginning to wonder how hard is it to learn how to code so you can create what you want rather than waiting for things to be implemented.

While I do agree, that brush management could have an improvement I gotta remind that this brush aint new and actually already is in blender, just a lot less functional and for some reason is divided into two separate tools

You wrote one line about expand not working. I replied to that.
It works for me in a today’s build of master (2.93 alpha) or sculpt-dev branch.

I understood that you wanted a tool that affects the whole mesh in one go. But there is none.

For sculpt vertex colors, you can mask by color calling the operator by search. (It looks like active tool is not working.)
Then, you can create a face set from mask.
But you repeat that for each color, each face set creation. There is no global tool handling all of them in one go.

You should be able to create vertex groups corresponding to face sets, one by one. And then, copying those vertex groups between similar meshes.
Face Sets should probably end up to be supported by data transfer modifier.

You can do some things through python scripting. It is possible to find tutorials about that.
Or, in theory, if you know C/C++ language, you can modify Blender’s sources.
But that is requiring knowledge about Blender architecture (you can find answers on wiki and developers chat). And also, mainly, that requires knowledge about mathematics, logic, …, intricacies of tool you want to create.

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I guess this will come to Blender sculpting, anything that makes workflow simple, natural and fast.

Thanks for the info. Would look into this. Unfortunately, seems the Blender website was undergoing maintenance due to a hack attempt yesterday. Its back online but I will hold off downloading anything till after a few days just to be sure. Don’t know why anyone would try to hack the Blender website.

Thanks for these suggestions. Will be very useful till the devs hopefully make them more convenient with a tool or command that makes these possible at one go.

Seems to be quite complicated. I would actually like to give this a go but cconsidering how busy I am. Time won’t be available to start dedicating towards this. Really envy those who can create tools they want, when they want and have a lot of respect for them as well.