The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 1)

I hate feeling like a self entitled brat, but after my GPU died and I got to work with the iGPU until my diamond plated (the only reason to justify the current prices) GPU arrives I really wish Pablo (and the Blender Dev team as a whole) would focus more seriously on performance. Be it in sculpt mode or edit mode.

My i7 7700hq (16GB ram, but with a feeble Intel 630 iGPU) laptop chugged hard at around 12kk polygons (with each model having only 2kk and even after soloing them), so I moved over to Zbrush.

An RTX 2060 is costing roughly the same as a the perpetual license, and if you factor their monthly options, some paid options are beginning to look more “starving artist” friendly than Blender. The chip shortage will last quite some time and the GPU prices
don’t seem to be going down any time soon, so I really hope this pushes them to drop some of the fluff down and focus on performance.


Those of us in the sculpt module can’t really do anything about non-sculpt-mode performance, unfortunately. For sculpt mode, try turning on “Delay viewport draw” in the Options panel in the workspace buttons.


I have a Intel 620. I disabled my NVidia GPU, and it seems fine? Do you by any chance have a .blend you could share?


It’s on my todo list. If you have any UI ideas feel free to share them since my lack of UI design skills is partly why I haven’t done it already.


Yeah man, it’s hard to believe that Zbrush is CPU only… it looks like sorcery… :smile:

Impressive tech…


Oh definitely I can’t stand all these parameters either. The plan is to have a proper brush management system with presets, and then hide most of these settings. . .somewhere else (it hasn’t been decided yet), where brush authors can get at them but won’t clutter the UI for users.


@joeedh I wanne thank you for all the work you’ve put into Blender!


Substance Painer is one of few good examples where you select hi poly mesh in baking menu(while working on same low poly mesh) and hitting bake. There are grave need for lot of peoples opinion, ideas, UI ideas to achieve very good hi-poly to low poly normal map baking. Same is with Blender upcoming material painter that combining Substance + Mixer ideas would create very comfy material painter in the end.

Thanks Joe for all work on Blender.


Oh this is relieving to know. Definitely it takes something more usable… didn’t check how long this is went on, but I believe the whole new sculpting tools has been… how long? one year? two years? in the making, now it’s really time to start using it. Thank you for you guys supervising this getting better


The multires optimization patches are starting to be submitted

This one concerns optimizing the calculation of mesh normals (though how much it improves sculpting is unknown as numbers were not submitted). From Joseph, as this concerns core code and not brushes.


Sadly I can’t share the file I’m working on. I’ll check other file with similar mesh density which I can share and see how it performs.

Wanted to ask any plans for vdm brushes implementation in Blender?


None. You can use grey scale images as brush textures.
But no vector displacement textures.
There is no vector displacement baking feature at all. And it is not seen as a priority.
And there is nothing new that happened this year about handling of high polycount.
So, I would not expect vdm brushes before several years.


Thanks for the info.

Yeah. I noticed.

Agreed but we can bet that the Blender devs are doing their best. I feel this would become a reality in future but focusing on performance and Multires is their aim currently. And I am happy they are focusing on that because that is way more important at the moment.


There is but it is not documented, I posted this here and on blendertoday months ago, I saw it on yt and the guy had a post on rightclickselect too, it is not even a bug so idk where to send this, it is just feedback, here you have a test file with the nodes packed too just in case you know how to send this to … @Joeedh , Brecht or Pablo? you have to select the sculpt and hit bake and you have to turn on the cycles preview to see it, and the default height is 1 but you can change that inside the nodes too, it is not exposed.


No, that is just a trick using regular baking of a material referring to UVs and Object vectors.
That only works if you bake a geometry to a plane.
If wanted low poly mesh is more complex than that, it does not work.

Yes that’s what we need to create a brush texture I suppose, can we have that?
I think the guy said that it was based on this from @nudelZ .


Just please don’t make it too hard to get at. No more than one click please. I don’t think there is such a thing as a user that isn’t also a brush author at the moment. Perhaps once brush management takes off and you can buy brushes on gumroad and whatnot, then it will be different. But not right now.

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The pieces for turbocharged performance in sculpting are falling into place

Not a patch, but more evidence of a serious push by devs. to bring actual asset creation up to speed (as in, far better than anything 2.79 could do).


Too bad… they are fun to play with…

even though I’m not a of fan of vdm brushes.:neutral_face: