The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 1)

So, in the future, users who just want to 3D paint will need to learn the sculpting workflow ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Seems like a subjective design choice mainly benefiting one user group if it is the case

No, you will need to only learn new painting workflow. Most old vertex paint tools are already in sculpt mode. Just enter it and start painting like in old vertex paint mode.
Another difference is that old vcol are/will be replaced with generic color attribute.

So, in the future, if a user wants to 3D paint color attributes, he will need to enter the “sculpting” mode ?
and the vertex-color painting will be removed ?

I don’t know if vertex paint mode will survive. But it looks that development of paint/sculpt brush engine is much quicker with unified mode.


Got it thanks the tech is better, it’s impressive too
I’m mainly questioning the fact that painting & sculpting workflow are being mixed in one big mess of a bag :sweat_smile:


Both modes share a lot of similarities like basic brush settings, usage of textures in the context of a brush, UI design, gesture-based workflow, operating on large amount of vertices at once, brush projection mechanics, viewport shading needs, etc.

So the idea is to enter this mode, pick a tool and start working. Add to that attributes that can be shared with Geometry Nodes or other areas in Blender and you have a real powerhouse of a mode.

In the future it should be like the dev blog post said it.

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this one ?
looks like that’s what i was searching for

The improvements to painting that happened in the Sculpt mode vertex painting will also be followed up by improvements to the existing Texture Paint mode and expanding the Vertex Paint mode into a more general “Attribute Paint” mode.

Ok, that means the new efficient sculpt paint brush will move to the dedicated 3d paint mode when it’s ready, seams logical :slight_smile:

thanks all, much clearer now :slight_smile:


And this one which is way older than i thought. =(

Maybe one day.

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That’s when things will start to suck actually… :wink:
I hope they leave the paint functionality in sculpt mode when (if) that happens, and add the support to sculpt and paint at the same time…

just because you don’t want to use shift+tab to change editors ? :upside_down_face:

get that a “painted stroke” option would be nice just saw this video.


Let’s just say that I’m not overly fond of modes… :wink:


Technically speaking, sculpt and vertex paint are both attribute painting, so it’s actually quite logical to put them in the same mode.

Speaking of which, it would be really cool to paint UVs, cloning from a sample area in the editor…


I guess the devs don’t see it that way… ::no_mouth:


Probably because blender is used in a lot of different context than 3D sculpting :upside_down_face: shift-tab is literally as fast as using the paint brush shortcut


Paint mode design was exposed by Julian on devtalk forum.

Developers have just exposed paint brush in Sculpt mode in 3.2.
No abandon of Sculpt Vertex Colors is planned when new Paint mode will be a reality.
But for the moment, new paint mode is just a design.

All experimental code related to it is currently only effective in Sculpt mode.

Switching modes all the time is tiresome man… (not to mention that feeling as if you were using a bridge to switch to an external application…) :smile:
Really, I don’t know why blender loves to separate everything by modes, and as result a lot of stuff inside of blender feels disconnected…

In some other software the entire system is unified… you have access to all the tools at the same time in the same environment… so you sculpt, model (edit mesh) and paint etc seamlessly, no mode switching involved… simple and fluid workflow… :wink:


Interesting :face_with_monocle:


But my preferred shortcuts for various thing would conflict horribly if everything was combined into a single mode. The number of tools in the toolbar would be annoying. The sculpt/brush settings would be fighting for space in the header against the things that used to be in the other modes. The menus would be so long.

I find modes + workspace tabs + multiple blender windows + half a dozen or more 3d viewports in various shading modes and different camera angles in each window to be quite lovely and flexible and efficient. Then you have some people who also go as far as a different scene per window and recently we recovered the ability to have a different scene per workspace tab PER WINDOW! … and you can set a mode per workspace tab.


Blender is 28 years old.
During a large portion of its history, shortcuts and UI were not customizable. There was a mode dedicated to UVs before that a Face Select Mode exists, in Edit mode. And there was no ability to sculpt anything.
Modes are a legacy of such period.
Modes are a way to limit display of tools.
Such categorization of tools may seem arbitrary to any user, according to workflow user developed.

But in whatever 3D software is used, UI does not display permanently the whole potential of software.
You just showed an UI exposing 33 tools, accessible from one button click.
In current blender’s sculpt mode, there are 47 buttons in toolbar.
Other software have tools that would correspond to set of equivalent blender tools.
To be really fair, you should consider them as mini-modes or sub-modes or brushes that can be derived in different presets. There is no way to have direct access to everything, whatever the software is used.
If you want to have a glimpse of what suppression of modes with only basic tools can look like, take a look to Grease Pencil in blender 2.79 before it became an object with modes.
UI was cluttered. Shortcuts were cumbersome.

Blender devs can not provide a unified mode without rewriting tools to fuse many of them into one, what would displease probably more blender users that the ones annoyed by modes.

Better solution should be ability to allow creation of custom modes.
But that still needs a lot of work to be sure that tools have been created to be used in different modes will be compatible in a unified mode.
There is a little bit of that, in Julian’s design. He is thinking about the way to present mask tools in new paint mode, how to store them, how to also add face sets, etc…

It is not fair to complain about too many modes in Blender, when developers started the work to suppress one, and renounced to create a requested Retopology mode.