The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 2)

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The different shortcuts for different modes can also be confusing, making it necessary to remember multiple functions for the same shortcut, depending on the mode you’re in. Another example is the Blender-wide Shift + R for Repeat Last function, which you need to reassign to a different shortcut in Sculpt Mode.


It is not fair to complain about too many modes in Blender, when developers started the work to suppress one, and renounced to create a requested Retopology mode.

They wanted to suppress one mode? which one?

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New paint mode will handle images and color attributes.
It will replace Texture Paint mode and Vertex Paint mode.
So, we should end up with 5 modes instead of 6.


Continuing the discussion from The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread (Part 1):

You’re free to like it, of course…To each their own… :wink:

Then perhaps it’s time to start modernizing the software and combine related modes as much as possible… otherwise things might get out of hand…
BF needs a new rule: No new modes unless it’s absolutely necessary… :slightly_smiling_face:

Because that’s what I wanted to show to illustrate the workflow…
You can put anything you want in the UI, or nothing, that’s up to you. This is just the customization part of it. What matters is how the unified system works…

Blender will start to feel dated if they don’t… :wink:

C’mon, I mean, c’mon…

It’s not really complaining… it’s just an observation… :sunglasses:

That was a win for me… I was against it from the start… :wink:

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Anyone tried dyntopo lately in master? It’s randomly crashing a lot… :confused:

What I meant is that is an amount of work corresponding to years.

Blender development is cyclic. An area of software absorbs the focus during a period, then, it is another one, unless manpower increases at a point where each module can have several developers permanently financed, that can relay themselves when one need to pause.

There are still 4 or 5 targets from original 2.8 design that are waiting to be implemented (viewport compositor, eevee next, nodes for simulation, brush management …).
After that, work on new designs from critics about 2.8 insufficiencies will probably flourish.
New Paint mode and Layered Textures are first steps.
But there is an opportunity to have a coherent software, next year. Maybe with some ideas that could seem dated, but that delivers all its promises.
To me, it is rather time to reach range of interaction, announced 5 years ago, before breaking basics, again.

That would not make sense to rework modes and continue to have modifiers and brushes using Blender Internal textures during a decade.


There’s no rush, sure… I believe most blender users don’t mind the amount of modes… I’m am in the minority here… :smile:
But I wish they had a plan to unify things, and a rule to avoid new modes at all costs…

tol a pleh dluow edom tplucs ni hsurb reledomz a ,emitnaem eht nI :wink:

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hi guys, newbie here. Small reason I got here is to find an equivalent to the dam brush in zbrush, but I see that you guys might be using a different build than the standard one? can anyone pls point me to the link to download it if so? Otherwise, I’m just looking for a dam equivalent brush. Thank you!!

A long war happened for this… surprise surprise, we lost… so it never landed…
Sculpt: Add pinch radial and perpendicular modes to Draw Sharp
Sculpt: Enable pinch in draw sharp


there isnt one yet, then only way you can use is a combination of draw sharp and crease brush…

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That is a shame, as it is the brush I miss most from Zbrush. Hopefully the draw/pinch combo will be possible with the upcoming brush preset system.

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M to move to a new collection in object mode makes sense.
M to merge verts in edit mode makes sense.
M to get the mask tool in sculpt mode makes sense.
Alt+m for a list of ways to split in edit mode makes sense.
Alt+m to clear mask in sculpt mode makes sense.

I can’t even begin to imagine a way to get hotkeys that make sense to me if all commands exist in the same space competing for the same hotkeys.

I agree that shift+r in Sculpt mode would be better used for a repeat last stroke command (which would still be different from repeat last function but is probably the most useful thing to put on that hotkey in sculpt mode for avid sculptors. Not so avid sculptors might want it to be repeat last function in sculpt mode)

It illustrates the move mouse and click workflow. What is the hotkey workflow when everything coexists all at once and you only have so many key combinations available?


How is that brush different from a Crease brush with a sharper falloff and a cranked up pinch factor?

The draw sharp deformation algorithm is slighty different…
I also have a crease brush like that but it’s not really the same…

Actually they could to do something better than that at this point, and not hardcode it in one brush…

So I’d propose the creation of a “Modifiers” system that should work with all brushes…
That “modifiers panel” should have sliders for things like Pinch, Inflate, even Draw and Smooth (aka Autosmooth)… (we should also be able to activate one slider at a time or combine all of them if we want, ofc)

The system could even be expanded in the future with different effects… :wink:

Throwed on RCS so the request at least has a honorable death… :coffin:

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That’s up to the user to choose his favorite hotkeys… :stuck_out_tongue: It’s impossible to have everything on the keyboard, no matter what…
But in c4d the hotkey system is crazy… in addition to the regular direct hotkeys, it also has something like a “two steps” hotkeys… like, first you hit a key and it will give you a popup list of a bunch of functions with yet another set of hotkeys… then next you hit the desired hotkey to call the function… this makes the hotkeys possibility really huge…

3D-Coat has such a brush modifier stack. It is one of many reasons I’m using it next to Blender and MagicaCSG. In fact, I’m often using Blender solely for rendering lately.

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Oh, that’s great… looks like 3dcoat is in line to be the next zbrush… :smile: Still no traditional subdivisions?

But yeah, blender’s sculpt mode definitely needs a modifiers system…

Whoa… how long until you ditch it completely? :rofl:


For me it definitely is. I’ve ditched ZeeBee since Maxon’s subscription move. 3D-Coat is very affordable, exists since 2007, can handle lots of polygons and offers lots of sculpting refinements.

Haha, nope. 3D-Coat still misses that, but I love the total freedom of voxel sculpting. I don’t model for animation anyway, so I often don’t even need proper topology, although 3D-Coat’s auto-retopologizer is practically as good as ZRemesher / Quad Remesher. You don’t see the difference when you’re sculpting in 20+ million polygons anyway.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I still love Blender, like you. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here anymore, would we? :wink: