The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread

We all agreed on the subject that blender needs a better brush management system… The things you want are already on the sculpt mode roadmap…

It was an example of things zbrush dont need to worry about…


Not a necessity for me already using other sculpting apps from long time, but for sure i would be happy to find sculpting getting smoother workflow would make me want to use lot more.

This should help 3D artists that never used Blender neither it’s workflow, they need to find similar simple all in one workflow. Just my guess.

Anyway, that great it’s worked on.


I completely agree with you about the UI for quick panels and a better brush/alpha management system, and sculpting in Blender can become VERY tedious with complex projects but how is this not asking to directly copy things from Zbrush? Is not only un-realistic, is also something the devs have said before they can’t do if they want to avoid legal issues…

I’d be delighted to have most of Zbrush features inside Blender, and heck, why not, since we’re asking maybe a full copy of the mograph tools from C4D as well :sweat_smile:


Why other apps have same quick access panels ? it’s common, Zbrush don’t own that idea.
Neither photoshop and all other painting apps.

Neither Zbrush owns brushes functionality ideas, as all others sculpting apps have same brushes functionnality.

And you could use alternatives. Let’s say Zbrush CTRL+ ALT + draw to Dynamesh, in Blender just use a shortcut to Remesh or assign a new way like KEY + draw line on screen.

Remesh , Dynamesh , all the same functionnality , no one is proprietary of coded features.
Again Zbrush don’t own brushes neither sculpting features :joy:
Like no gaming company owns first person game mechanic gameplay and all copies each others in many ways.

Anyway those ideas i posted are general to all apps and common, they have nothing to do with Zbrush proprietary things.


I suppose that all that it is what they’ll do with the people from the asset manager project, Dobarro was among the attendants.

yes, he coded a insert mesh brush too


Done. They’ve called it Geometry Nodes. :wink:


We really really need a quick way to swap and browse brush alphas in a comfortable way. That is a no brainer.

I’m totally with Ratchet here.


What really surprises me with discussions in this vein (clone app X, don’t reinvent the wheel, blender could be great if it was not blender) is the complete reluctance of the people complaining about it to do a little legwork of their own.

So you have discovered this completely free DCC. Its pretty damn good but when it comes to interface/workflow it could be better when compared to your commercial app that is focused on one single thing. Que absolutely not a single sensible person being surprised.


How about you look around for some sculpting addons to see if you can alleviate this issue? After all most of these complains are just interface stuff. That is all python and easy to extend with addons.

The blender eco system for paid addons is (still) incredibly cheap when compared to other DCC’s as well. So lets just take the very first sculpting related addon from blendermarket. (im certain there are free options as well)

Advanced sculpting ($30)

Now this does not mean that things can’t be improved natively inside blender. They certainly can; see the roadmap(s) and I look forward to those improvements myself. I’d say the fact there are paid addons that offer this functionality is also its own proof.

But this pretense that blender is awful because its not as “streamlined” as whatever specialized app you wish to compare it to is just… lazy. Do a little research, spend a little money on an addon or two and configure blender to your liking. You may find, with a little effort, things aren’t all that bad and you can actually start enjoying blender right now.


Yep, if it’s just UI then figure out what you can do with addons or pay someone to do it. If they say it can’t be done because APIs for the UI or tools don’t support it then those are the things that need to be addressed in Blender and should be requested from the devs.

Blender devs can’t listen to you if your arguments focus around a commercial product. They can’t look at the screenshots, they can’t read descriptions. You need to approach this from the Blender side of things and describe it in Blender terms. This is not them being difficult, it’s a legal requirement.


Again don’t feel attacked.
No one asked Blender to be treamlined, but it is already becoming very streamlined as many major companies and gaming ones given lot of money and are already using it.

Addons, no thanks, when we use 3D coat we don’t have to deal or pay more for missing features, instead 3D coat adds features and does not rely on people partially working on addons or have their addon no more continued development.

Anyway, Blender should become more modern and go beyond it’s old interfaces and workflow, i mean for sculpting ( don’t want modelers, movie makers and other not sculpting to feel attacked :joy: )


This is a ridiculous statement.


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Yes, totally. Let’s hope the asset browser helps alleviate some of these issues. I remember the first experimental alphas of Blender 3.0 (or 2.93?) had the ability to read and load images directly from the asset browser, it was removed for the official release for technical reasons I don’t understand :sweat_smile: but I hope it makes it back into 3.1 or 3.2

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Implying that people that respond to what you post, feel attacked does not make it true. People can actually have comments on what you say for various reasons. Framing responses to what you posts in this manner is not helping the discussion and, quite frankly, is disingenuous. Its a common thing to do for people who criticize blender to perceive all replies that don’t directly agree with them as “resistance”. Could this be true for you as well? :slight_smile:

3d-coat isn’t “perfect” either (spoiler; no software is) and, last I checked, you pay for a license to even be able to use it in the first place. How much was that license again? If you want anything changed with 3d-coat (no matter how small) you have to beg the developers for it and, only if they agree, you might get it in a future version.

Maybe, instead of being so derisive of addons, you should be happy that blender supports addons and the flexibility that they offer. Isn’t it wonderful that there are both free and paid addons for blender? Hell you can even write your own or have someone write one for you.

Either way, sorry to hear you see no value in exploring some addons. I thought they could elevate your sculpting experience inside blender quite a bit. :man_shrugging:


Looking at it from another perspective, add-ons for artists are fundamentally same as software - it’s a tool. Only difference is that it heavily depends on another tool, original software. And if you don’t want to use add-ons for your work… what are they for then? In fact, unrelated to sculpting, many studios use their own custom add-ons in other industry standard software to the point that original software is unrecognizable.

Also add-ons are part of Blender. They don’t exist just on their own. They use API that Blender developers implemented and maintained to this day.

You can also take it as another customization option. You just (sometimes) pay others to save yourself time and effort implementing it yourself. Same as you can pay for ZBrush brush packs. Nobody thinks “I will not use 3rd party brushes and plugins for ZBrush to not deal or pay more for missing features”.


Not all all in any way. I just percieved people using Blender from long time like feeling it’s good as it is for sculpting and think new changes are not so necessary.

I know, bugs, and many things not perfect, but workflow is a sculpting workflow with all common panels.
Just look at people creations to understand fast workflow capabilities.

Just some few examples, showing workflow speed is another level

So many features Blender sculpting does not have, many of those are common to most sculpting apps even small ones.

Perhaps, but the most needed are the paid addons.
I paid some retopo addon, and get abandoned for a new version more capable and new high price.So i’m really not fan of addons anymore.
Also you rely on someone that could quit upgrading the addon, while features included in Blender will not have that issue.

Many times addons just bring common things Blender should perhaps have by default.
For example painting pbr, not as good as Substance Painter, but at least the basic tools, extended layers and some basic painting features still not available outside of addons.

Anyway just my own opinion and perhaps not the best opinion because i’m not fan of addons.

Some majority, for sure, but not all.
Really depends on what you do, what kind of art and what style.
It’s so easy in 3D coat and Zbrush to extract your own alphas or 3D shapes to re use, turn your sculpt an object brush for your kit bash.

Anyway we’re out of subject as it’s about Blender sculpting not addons.


Eventually some additions related to the asset browser should provide the building blocks for what most people want. My fear is they will refuse to do what works best because other programs are doing it that way.

ehhh… maybe you should just fork blender like armor paint did for such changes. I for one prefer the various modes and modifiers. The only thing I find annoying is how long it takes to switch in and out of sculpt mode. Speed that up and I think most people won’t be annoyed with switching modes.

I think you can switch objects without changing modes.

I think both of those count as painting. Painting the vertex group used by a material slot or painting pixels or painting vertex colors I think were all planned to become possible in sculpt mode eventually.

Support for vector displacement textures, higher polycount, no bugs in multires, and sculpt layers are probably what most people truly need to be able to move to Blender. Addons can probably smooth over the rougher parts of the sculpting UI for many people.

The many many settings added to sculpt dev… are they going into master or are they just a part of the process of helping the community to help out with the review of all brushes?


Another idea if Blender would ever want to improve some things, a feature exclusive to 3D coat that is just excellent.

Right mouse button + horizontal movement to change size
Right mouse button + Vertical movement to change strenght

This is something we use so much that having such intuitive and fast way is just the best without needing to display and move sliders

Like others ideas, take it or leave.


This is available as a free Blender add-on. Couldn’t live without that anymore.

@joeedh recently fixed it for the Sculpt Mode builds.


Issue is not all people check every addon existing.
Could have been activated by default and have it’s own “on off” settings, while i doubt people would turn it off.

Tried it, so much better for anyone doing long sculpting work