The Big Fish

Hi there,

this is my first time, posting to the forum and i wanted to share with you my first personal project i did with Blender.

I always liked the idea of handpainted textures but i was looking for something,
not looking like a game asset :wink:
So i came upon this artist called Garry Walton
and immediatly got inspired to to somthing with this.

I was aiming for a handpainted miniature style.
So the textures are partially taken directly from his images (all the Signs) and partially repainted by myself.

I would be happy about some tips regarding the lighting and rendering, since I think i could be improved, but
at the moment i don’t know how.

Like the stylized look very much. I think the DOF should only start behind the building. But that is just my opinion.

Looks great! I love the style, but the lighting seems flat. Maybe try to add a sun in order to get more warm colours. You should also change your stone texture, or add some details. Otherwise, it’s a nice scene.

While the lighting is flat, it’s kind of appropriate to the scene decisions you’ve made: no obstructions, rough materials, overcast and featureless sky.

For a more miniature look, consider some less realistic lighting. Miniatures tend to sit distant (for their size, relative to other objects in their environment) from point light sources and so cast sharper shadows than we would expect if they were full size, and you could use that to accentuate the miniature feel at the expense of “realism.” They also tend to have a certain level of gloss (clearcoat) that has nothing to do with their materials, since they’re actually uniform.

Another thing, kind of lighting related, is that most miniatures are painted with some false lighting baked in. The images you’re using look as if they’ve been washed, but not drybrushed/highlighted. Don’t know how much background you have in that, can explain more if you’d like.

I really like the look. It definitely reminds me of my wargaming days :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your critique and tips.

@ Brinkgrimm: I also am not sure with where to start the bluriness, maybe I will still experiment with this a bit.

@ TomZed: Do you mean the stone-texture of the island or the one on the house?

@ bandages: I know what you mean with the false lighting baked in (painted maybe hundreds of minis back in the day :wink: ) but I’m not sure if this is appropriate here since the miniature i was talking about ist more like Doll-House miniature…
But i will test the sharper shadows. I had to think a bit about you explanation but now I think its very well observed.

Again, lots of thanks to you.

Thank you all for taken you time to help me with this.

@Brinkgrimm: Yes, i think i will still have to test some variations with the DOF.

@TomZed: Which Stone Texture do you mean? The one of the Island, or the on on the house/chimney?

@bandages: I know what you mean with the baked in lighting (painted maybe hundred’s of miniatures back in the day :o)
But i don’t know if this applies, since the miniature i had in mind was more of a dolls house kind of miniature.

I had to think a bit, about what you wrote regarding the lighting, but i totally makes sense.
I will test a more studio-like lighting with clearer shadows.

So thank again for your tips.