The big question

hmmm, modeling the whole universe (everything from rocks to organisms) atom by atom.

You can be God! :smiley:
But then again your creation will reject you… after trying to fit you into their “observable data.” Then mass murder of all “Company2” worshipers… etc.

Big “religion is not science” debate.

My advice, “don’t do it!” You’ll only end up transferring the conscience of your son into one of 3d characters, only to see him hanging on the cross the very next day. They will still spit at your name. Those ungracious fools! :mad:

Calvin um I’m not trying to become a God just to be able to design many platforms onto 1 giant platform. I believe I know what your trying to say is that such a creation may destroy my computer because if I were to get a virus everything will be destroyed and it could take many years to design another copy.

Don’t worry one day you’ll see me and see that it is possible to graphically design something as vast as the universe. Trust and believe that I can do this.