The Biggest Blender Release expected in 2018 (Eevee) - The Workflow Project !!!

Blender 2.8: (2018)

From an Updated viewport to workspaces and dependency graphs. Blender 2.80 brings updates all over the board. (What about the BGE?)


It looks like Eevee will be our biggest contributor to the next Blender release:

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Id just like to ask a basic question here on the comminity how efficient is it to render a full Eevee Game or should i say a blender game using Eevee?

How does Post-Processing affect the realtime rendering.
Please correct me if iam wrong but my question may be incorrectly asked pls just give me a brief explanation.(id like to know how effective, Stable Eevee will be for making Games or if u can even make one)

  • Because the way i see Eevee i just see it as Cycles and Blender Render !!! (And not even Blender Game Engine or UPBGE)

Question: Can it be a Completely New Game Engine within blender or will it be separate Engine on its own away from blender?




The dude only mentions. That," it might be implemented in blender’s Game Engine":

i still dont understand !!!

What i like about it is its realtime viewport workflow its kinda trying to be like Unreal Engine. (But as another better cycles rendering Engine)


My advice: make a game with the tools you have, not the ones you may have in the future.

Panzergame and youle (and possibly others) are working to get eevee into the UPBGE.

Speculation warning: the current GE does not fit the vision of the BF for what it should be (it is not as tightly coupled - eg modifiers), so its future is uncertain. But we haven’t heard anything official for more than a year.

True the tools we currently have are the best for blender artists that use UPBGE or BGE.(Personally i must say that im comfortable working on a Game project using BGE and UPBGE though UPBGE is more stable)

The way i see it is that UPBGE is a BGE update thats all the UI is exactly the same only that they fixed BGE bugs and crashes now Eevee is just a Viewport Update for realtime viewport rendering which by the way kills my low-end and even crashes from time to time !!! All i can say is the way these devs are going, its really in a mess but they need to be a final solution where they will fix bugs. They should just continue with updates like what the BF has been doing with blender Cycles and Blender Render in all the versions from 2.49b to 2.78.

Thats what they should do with UPBGE if Panzergame and youle (and all the others) decide to merge Eevee in UPBGE just for the GAME ENGINE we can be at the same level or even better than unity.

Right now Eevee is at experimental level and crashes alot in the pre-alpha version of blender 2.80 which i have, Eevee crashes when i add a Sphere and i go in to Edit mode to Edit verticies of the sphere. LoL however the game engine as u said above it can’t even start a game lol thats not even how BGE is !!!
But yeah we need to wait for more info abt their plan on MAKING EEVEE either a Game Engine on its own or to merge it with UPBGE or BGE.


It sounds like you and I are in similar boats. I’m starting out on a game development endeavor as well and among my first, most important tasks was identifying a game engine. BGE held tremendous appeal for me because I know Blender and that takes an enormous amount of weight off my shoulders, especially considering that I’m already doing the bulk of the work. But at the same time, the fate of BGE/EV seems up in the air and updates are sparse at best. So I’m erring on the side of caution and learning Unreal just in case it tanks. I would suggest you do the same.

I want BGE to succeed and I REALLY want EV to function well inside BGE. I would especially love that. That’s basically my dream come true at the moment. But I’ve been disappointed way too many times in my life to get my hopes up.

I know that our dev’s won’t let us down they are incorporating Eevee’s features slowly into UPBGE and i know someday UPBGE will be as good as Unreal or even Unity.

Never give up man as you say bro you learning Unreal Engine im planning to either migrate to Unreal or Unity once ive made quite a significant amount of blender Games using UPBGE and BGE.

True i do have my flaws with blender but i always make sure to work around them. All that ive done as far as my game project is just experience with the Blender software worth of 6 to 7 years !!!

I remember starting out on blender 2.49b with my cube typed Games of which i dont have anymore all that has paid off in blender so im pushing to finnish what ive started and hopefully it makes a difference.

Otherwise i dont mind even using unity i have Unity 5 and i dont do anything with it these days i tried learning the C++ part it killed me so i took a year off of unity in the meanwhile my unity Games suck the lack of coding skills i have on unity is Zero LoL i’ll give Unreal Engine a try.

Is they a Free Release of Unreal Engine 4 or do we have to pay a bargen?

Fred/K. S

Pls correct me if iam wrong isn’t this as Good as a Game, If it is rendered in realtime. Infact the BGE is a rendering Engine with active physics specifically designed for realtime processes the only difference is that theres input, Python scripts contribute to the logic behind what is being made on BGE or UPBGE.

I think that its just a Game Engine but only with an early realtime viewport rendering feature. There is no input such as scripts or even logic.

I think that Eevee is a good contributing factor to blender which can be used to render photorealistic trailers and images nevermind realtime rendering in blenders viewport. The devs must leave this Cycles approach and instead they need to work more on the Game Engine side of things like the UPBGE Dev team.


You might want to do something about your punctuation - it’s hard to read your first paragraph.

In any case, from what I understand, Eevee’s goal is mainly to provide a high-quality realtime renderer. If there’s plans to push it into the realm of game engines, that needs to be investigated further. The renderer looks great, but it has to run really well and be adaptable to be good enough for game engines. We’ll see what the BF wants to do with the BGE - I’m not certain that they really want to do a game engine. If they do, it might be better to start from scratch.

Eevee runs pooly on my system its a Good aspiring rendering Engine.


True i apologize for my punctuation im not English speaking. True i must agree with you The renderer looks great, Its as good as a Game Engine would be only that its just another Cycles Rendering Engine thats making its way into blender.


As for as i know Eevee shading is the new viewport glsl. And since Upbge uses the viewport glsl code to draw, its whats gonna use the game engine to do PBS. As for low activity from the devs, not really! If you look at the commits, you gonna see a lot of work have been done in the main source code of the UpBge. I thought, that the Eevee hype is gone…

Haha LoL, True it does use some of the Game Engine components for the realtime viewport rendering !!!

LoL the Eevee hype did go down when artists saw and heard that Eevee is not a Game Engine i think that already since then the hype has just been going down.

Im got surprised when i went to the website, Under the bleeding Edge section i went to the 2.80 Project and they clearly state that,“DO NOT USE ANY BUILD FOR PRODUCTION” lol due to the instability of those version’s and builds they kindly recommend us just to test them and give feedback so that they improve in the next official release of Blender 2.80. I gave Eevee a shot and it dissapointed me it kept on crashing everytime i wanted to either edit a mesh or lastly when i mixed a bunch of materials using the node Editor. What was really impressive was the fact that i saw immediate effects Live in realtime in the Viewport.
(Which is nice but id think that if the dev team rework the entire Game Engine from scratch and this time adding Eevee’s viewport features it’ll be as good as Unreal Engine 4)


Eevee I think will guarantee GE development on the main branch and respectively, after awhile this may become apparent, do to UPBGE fork consistent bug squishing and precising advancements on the foundations branches releases on game GE side. We would love this because blender communities have lots of game developers while UPBGE plays “pioneer the cause”. :wink:

Personally i think that Eevee will bring about so many changes to the Game engine one of the things being Post processing, PBR, Proper Lighting and shadowing systems. (BY CHANGES I MEAN TAKING WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE TO THE NEXT LEVEL) I think that it will take the Game Engie to the Next LvL.

I was thinking maybe if they’d change the programming language to C++ or C# and totally rework the API.


I am not a fan of Python at all. In fact, I hate it whenever I am forced to use it. And yet, I don’t see what kind of benefits could be gained. By using Eevee as renderer, the game engine is getting closer to Blender again. It allows that the game engine can profit from viewport improvements and the other way around.
By changing the programming language, it would go one step away, because Blender heavily relies on Python. There is no real reason to change the scripting language of the game engine. It could be discussed whether visual programming would make sense. Other than that, it would mostly be a waste of time.

Agree, Eevee will bring UpBge to the next level. Especially when the clustered lighting gets in, then the Upbge raster could get rewritten to support it too. :slight_smile: You cant change the programming language, cos python is too embedded into blender.

Python’s a nice language, but when it comes to games, you want:

  1. Something that deploys on a lot of targets, and
  2. Something that runs very quickly.

While Python isn’t bad speed-wise, there are alternatives that can run more efficiently. As for deployment, it seems like there’s not a lot of interest in porting Python to other platforms apart from desktop. If the BF wants to make a game engine that’s forward-thinking, I think they should drop Python and grab something that runs on more platforms more easily, like Haxe, C#, or Java (or maybe something young and light, like Nim or Lua or something). I don’t really know enough about C / C++ to say if that’d be a good idea or not.

It might also make sense to make use of existing frameworks like LibGDX, Monogame, etc. to implement the boilerplate code and work from there, rather than doing everything (more or less) themselves.

Basically, they might as well start with newer technology, rather than sticking with the same old API / codebase that’s been in there for decades.

what about a converter?

can python be expressed as java?

if the java had the same bindings?

I was thinking more like if the BF could update Python and take it one step further since blender depends heavily on it why don’t they take Python and update it. Alot of people tell me that python is Good but outdated compared to that of C++ & C# or even Java, but i believe that since the BF knows python’s every weak and strong point why don’t they update their own version of python. (Then they can replicate the modern results that Unreal and Unity can do but only right inside blender) !!! Eevee style !!!

Now i know that python is a Good programming language its really good for learning thats the whole point of it thus far. I believe that it could be updated but anyway as you say they can also use an alternative solution which would be to express it as a different programming language such as Java and C# or even C. That way they can even be able to create extentions for games to run on consoles and mobile devices.


c# does not need compiled I think,
but I think c does.

this being said, python is the language of science.

anything you can’t do in python, you should be doing in C++ or C in the back end.

1 to 1 java bindings to bge bindings would allow porting of python to mobile as well as allow people to code in java if they prefered.