The birthday

The idea came from my son’s illustrated book with different characters and objects. Among them, I found this cute robot. I thought he is very interesting. I decided to develop a story and show a robot birth, with all it’s intricate details inside.


Everything is so smooth and nice. The lightning, shading, actually the style is so playful.

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The hardest part was to model the bits. After 25 it’s getting boring.)) But speedflow addon saves me from much suffering. I enjoy to set the lights and put all together in the frame and set the light.


Love this! Very nice work. The isometric camera angles really compliment this nicely.

Absolutely fantastic detail!

awesome stuff, love the color palette!

I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not but the eyes are lit signaling the power is on in the first image.

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You have eye of an eagle. Yeah, robot is turn on. And he is alive.) bip-bip-bip.


Feel comfortable!

Don’t worry, his RAM slots are empty - he won’t remember a thing…

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This is really cool. Respect for modelling all the bits. As a beginner I can’t imagine choosing to do that much tedious modelling but it adds a lot to the piece I think. Great job. :slight_smile:

Thanks. You get more speed in modeling with practice, knowledge, and addons :joy:.
If you know how to optimize process it’s not so scary to do. Blender booleans help a lot.

how i can i do this without using that addon? can you please do a tutorial?

Yes, I can make a tutor. But it already exists. You can watch on Cedric youtube channel. I use his addons and technics for modeling

Speedflow doesn’t new features to blender, it takes existing tools and makes them faster to use, and provides a more interactive way to add modifiers and adjust features.

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

I really love this work (a shining example of speedflow in use), it’s so neat and clean, and packed with details.

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WoW! Amazing! Actually I have found kids books are often so beautifully illustrated. I notice the robot is in a separate render than the parts, are you planning on putting them together at some point?

It’s is the finished project. I now working on something new.