The blender interface , I am confused

I have been using blender for about 7 months now and I get do some pretty decent models and animations. One things I always heard though is that it is a hard interface to use. Why? I thought it was smart giving the scroll wheel a lot of the power to move around the screen so hot keys weren’t needed, and also I thought the hot key placement and names were good as well(S for Scale, R for Rotate,ect).

In light of thinking there might be an easier one I looked at the xsi mod tool and after about 4 hours , I was sort of stumped. It seemed that I needed to press 6 different buttons to move and circle around my project and a lot of the tutorials online used a different interface so it was kind of hard to follow. I noticed this as well in other downloads. Now that that story is out of the way, is blender the only one with this kind of interface? I am not bashing it, on the contrary I like it a lot , but it seemed odd that so many other products had similar interfaces while blenders so was so different.


bigger is not necessarily better.

Max and Maya and XSI are much bigger programs, both in cost and features and code size.

Maybe we need 3DS MAX interface?

Yes I think we need.

Helo Endi! Yes we need 3ds MAX interface. Blender’s gui bad - 3ds gui good.
I hope the Blender coders will throw the gui into the trashcan and swithch to 3ds MAX gui.

Yes I think Endi says very good things about the gui.

Endi, what do you think about Maya gui? Maybe better that 3ds MAX. (Of course 3ds MAX gui is very good.)

Endis, what do you think about Windows Paint gui?

Ah many Endi! And all of them tells very good things about the Blender’s GUI.

Endi, you’re an excellent artist, but you should be kept away from interface threads.

Why? What is your problem with 3ds MAX gui?

Why? What is your problem with 3ds MAX gui?
Lots of menus, clicking (unless you’ve customized all the hotkeys). I’m not saying 3dsmax UI is bad. I just kinda prefer Blender mostly. And I have used 3dsmax 8 in school quite a lot.

totally agree with that.

endi!! 7 posts in a row in like a space of 4 minutes! there is an edit button by the way!

EDIT (see i used it :smiley: ): 3ds max interface, too many maenus…it really blows. why do you like 3ds so much?


Why? What is your problem with 3ds MAX gui?

what is your problem with the blender GUI? so basically you want us to completely change our interface, just like that, into somthing pretty much everbody but you will hate…yeah! because that will make you popular

I think Endi is having fun with predicting the way this thread will likely develop. :slight_smile:

Personally, I think Blender’s interface should be just like Maya’s but with the workflow of Anim8or and use the same hotkeys as Equinox-3D.

one more time , 3dmax ui sucks , ha ha ha !

Blender is different than the others because it was developed by users, not just the developers who have ideas (who really aren’t end users). Blender is better by principle, not by design. It has quirks, and there are changes en route for the interface. I love the current interface. I worked with Max 8 and 9 for about 18 months full time, and I was frustrated every day. This thread is going nowhere fast…ashamed I put in my two cents. Hardware/GL speaking, Blender is faster than Max too. (I’ve exported a big heavy Max scene through OBJ into Blender, and it flew compared to Max’s interface - both without materials, textures, etc.).

Good Luck GWAC, and keep on learning and blending!

endi’s multiple personalities are acting up again! And agreeing on something, whoa!


because it was developed by users, not just the developers
Agreed, but

Blender is better by principle, not by design.
I disagree here. While it can be improved (what can’t?), specially when it comes to function grouping, Blender is meant for workflow, as opposed to the pretense of ‘ease of use’: you always end up reading manuals/tutorials to learn 3d apps. In Blender, I can reach most functions without navigating. Just a few strokes or clicks in most cases. Anything that makes me work faster, to me, is better design.

the only short coming of blender are hard coded keys and for new people it is difficult to find all tools because they are hidden in many layers. and when you find keys the seem to have different names or keys while doing the same job.

but I have to say after teaching blender the 4th time students do not find it difficult to use.

it is a lot to learn - yes so is maya. they do a better job in centralizing the commands but thats it. I dont think this is an interface question perse. It is only a question of hierarchy and structure.

once my students understood the concept they started to work fluid in Blender.

they only thing that might be worth looking into is the amount of screen space wasted by the tab system we have now. when you have 4 modifies active you have to scroll up and down a lot inside the button menu. a different structure to present those modules could be useful. but also in maya or other system do you have to scroll a lot inside the taps.