the blender optimized versions

ok why is no one paying attention to this?

here is the link to the topic the optimized version is really WAAAAYYYYYY

Nope. For me it runs about 200% slower.

then your machine must suck

:< Don’t you dare


i use it mostly for rendering - it cuts rendering time by 30 to 50%!. so, hell yes i love it

makehuman mesh subsurf level 2
material with raymirror and raytransp
rendering settings normal

that went about 10x faster for me :o

I have been using it. Never measured a speed difference thought.

I had some problems with it. I couldn’t open a file with it that would open fine in the regular build. You can see a more detailed explination at the end of the link mentioned in the first post.

Has anyone else noticed this?

EDIT: found a work-a-round- I appended the scene and it worked fine, so it must have just been incompatibility with the blend file and the optimized build.

You can mesure the speed increase by comparing render times (displayed in the console). I would really doubt it went 10 times faster.


I am thinking of switching, but for now I am going to keep it the same.

At the moment, I am not really rendering anything, just modeling. I have put a lot of work into my digital human, and I do not want to risk corrupting the .blend file. When I complete the model, I am going to save some of my stuff on a disk, them I may try out the optimized version.


10x faster is a little bit exaggerated. 20-50% speed increase for AMD systems and 30-60% for intel P4 system is realistic.

as the creator i use the optimized versions all day and never had trouble with them (or i didnt notice it ^^)

we count on you for the next release :slight_smile: