The Blender pivot feature that SHOULD HAVE BEEN native

PS: I am NOT the creator of this add-on, I just have to make a video about it because coming from 3DS Max, I found the pivot manipulation tool of Blender to be…wait is there any ?

Anyway, this feature is now possible and…yeah life is good now.

A useful conversation from reddit:
A reply from someone:
There actually is a way, select the face > Shift + S > Press 2 or “Cursor to selected” > Click on the object menu> Set origin > Origin to 3D cursor. You can easily change the pivot in Blender without any addons.


My reply:
Yes I know, I do it all the time.
1: Select Face.
2: Shift + S->Cursor to Selected.
3: Go back to Object Mode.
4: Object->Set Origin->Origin to 3D cursor.

Using this add-on = 1 Click.

And also, this is not what my video is addressing [why address that which can be done, no doubt longer steps], I addressing the ability to align to ANY two selected vertices [I am assuming you watched it].

Did you also saw the part where I click bottom center and the pivot moves right there ?
Try doing that without it.
1: Create an extra object.
2: Align an EXTERNAL object to the bottom center of the original object. [which in itself is a few steps into the align dialog but let’s ignore that for now]
3: Shift + S->Cursor to Selected.
4: Select original object, then Object->Set Origin->Origin to 3D cursor.
5: Delete the extra object created just to do all these.

Using this add-on…one step.

It should be noted that I am NOT PAID or even asked by the creator of the add-on to make this video, I made it because I use Blender often and I am truly benefiting from using this add-on productivity time wise and I feel my viewers should know about it.


what are you talking about? u can access origin like in max with ctrl + ‘.’ (period key) - standard hotkey

and do what you want. PS with kekit it also possible to access it from edit mode and use for modeling in local orientation as in maya

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