The BlenderArtists Facebook Group

I’m sure this has been discussed at length before, but I am really enjoying this group:

Why? Because I am a casual Blender user. I don’t go on this forum every day, hardly ever in fact. I don’t have a lot of free time right now, but I do use Facebook – a lot. Sure, most of it is just women in their 20s pulling that cat’s bum face or moaning about their job or whatever, but I like to know what a select few of my hundred-or-so friends are up to.

Seeing people’s renders in the news feed keeps me thinking about Blender; news of recent developments and new tutorial / techniques keeps me excited about Blender. This is at a time when I would probably be drifting away and ultimately losing confidence in my knowledge of CG in general. The overall mood feels less like a forum too, but that’s probably just because it’s via social networking and it’s amazing how different people can be without so much anonymity.

Anyway, if you haven’t already joined the group I would recommend it! :yes: