The bmr is screwed

ok the blender model repository is totally screwed
its totally whack some hackers took over it. wierd huh?

We know. And I hate those hackers for it.


I said this on the other thread as well, run a virus check now.
Whenever you go on it it tries to download a trojan:eek:, a lot of browsers might block this but check just in case:cool:

Does firefox block this? I don’t want to download an anti virus program, it would take too long on my dial up.

Ah, see if we knew where this guy lived I’d go egg his house. Like I mentioned in a previous thread, pranks can be a very good thing if delivered to those who deserve them.

[edit] thinking about it some more, this guy seems like one of those friendless shut-ins that absolutely no one likes (not even on forums. He’s a life troll). Egging his house is problably a common activity amongst the locals where he lives.
In which case I’d need to be a little more drastic. You think he has a lawn?

<cyborg bashing>Sounds like Cyborg Dragon.</cyborg bashing>

Anyway, does firefox block this trojan?? Please answer.