The Bot

Just another wip :yes:


Cool design :smiley: For a bot it is too smooth though. Try to make the border between knee-leg and leg-knee more distinct, and it will look better :wink:

Will we see it animated?

if time permits. :eyebrowlift:
I made some changes as suggested


Looks better already :slight_smile: Try to use “Set Solid” on the top of the boots, top & bottom of the knees and other places where there are no ‘angles’ to be ‘hidden’. This will make the border even more clear. If you like it, continue like that, else, go on like this :smiley:

Hi. I tried to roughen on parts you suggested but it didn’t seem to work. So I just added some loops to break the smoothness a bit.


Lookin’ very nice. It’s be just awesome when it’s rendered.

PS - looks nothing like me (kbot)

haha. actually my original introductory message for this thread was supposed to be- ‘Ever wondered what the kbot looked like?’

So yah. this robot is sort of my interpretation of how the Kbot looks like. lol.

from a slightly different angle.


trying to figure and block the major colors


What do you mean?
Great work so far :slight_smile:

Hi. Thanks.

What I meant was I’m trying to find the right color combination and where to place them.

Perhaps something darker on the faceplate?

right now this cute robot is quite low-poly, and could work as a game model if you remove that subsurf and texture.

Thanks for the complements guys.

I tried to make his face plate darker but it didn’t seem to work.

Here is a little update for now.


another update :evilgrin: