The boundaries of photorealism


It’s an image with character and mood, but I would not call it “boundaries of photorealism”, it’s clearly a render more so than many works presented here, it is easily identified as such (thickness of table-top wood planks is unconvincingly small, the holes (?) where the the table legs meet surface is strange, lighting form hung lights not convincing, carafe is odd, floor looks more like it has strong AO than actual shading of relief, the lens focus is odd, etc)

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Photo-real or not I like this as archviz and interior design. It looks like a pleasant place to eat and relax. The other picture in your portfolio too.

Agree with csimeon about the table tops. Especially this rough rustic style would use thick wood.

The carafe looks top heavy and almost imbalanced on top. Like it could easily tip over. That makes it distracting.

That gives me a thought about realism. Physics is important for realism. If something in a CG picture does not meet our expectations from experience in the real world then it doesn’t look real. What if the carafe’s spout (?) was so long that it would never stand upright? No matter how realistic the light and shading was it would not look real since real physics, gravity, would tip it over.

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yes that is true, the coffee cups an tables are other files and append it, i forgot view and work in the scales

yes the carafe is bad, and the table coffee was a append file and forgot review the scales. About the light I like so mucho the dark colors and contrast and the cofffee shops have that look. THANKS to write my

You’re rendering with cycles right? Might scroll into those render settings and turn on denoising. Overall nice piece.

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