The BRRC ! :) Hello Blender Artists!

Last Little RayPump Render Competition was lot of fun, but short and little, indeed.

Time for something bigger, I think the proper name would be:

The Bigger RayPump Render Competition

Why bigger? Two reasons - you’ll get more time and you’ll get better prize!


  • your entry* should be posted inthis forum’s thread
  • your entry should be your own scene, that means you are the author of it(this is different from Little RPRC)
  • scene can contain elements provided by other authors, but most (>50%) of the geometry has to be made by you
  • entry has to be render using the RayPump service
  • any subscription can be used (Free, Designer, Printer)
  • entry must be described with <author> <samples number > <local render time> < approximate RayPump render time> (local render time can be omitted)

*by ‘entry’ I understand the rendered image, that you submit to this competition.

End date
The Bigger RayPump Render Competition ends this year, July 31th (Wednesday). Any entries posted 1.08.2013 00:00 UTC+1 or later will not be taken in count.
Results and prizes will go public 1st of August.

The Prizes
There are two prizes to get in the competition:

1st place - 2 weeks subscription of RayPump Designer
2nd place - one week subscription of RayPump Designer

*if by the time of the end, RayPump Animator comes out - one week of RayPump Animator can be an alternative 1st prize (winner chooses)

The Jury
The are two people in jury: my Dear Spouse and myself
I’ll also arrange the poll, that will let you vote for your favourite option. Poll will have 33% weight in final voting.

Bigger RayPump Render Competition (BRRC) starts from… now! Good luck!