The Cave Library

hey all!

I searched a model image on Google İmages. I found and I like it. and … I did design. my first work have node editor!

my reference photo:

My model:

Looks pretty close to the original, but it definitely needs better lighting. And probably some books, like the reference pic (just to add some more life to the scene, it’s kind of dull as it is now).

thanks for your offer Elek!!

eh, what you think about this image?

Holy cow i want one of those!!!

Model doesn’t look too shabby. Definitely needs better lighting tho =-) and books

the order is immediately coming! :smiley: :smiley:
the books modeling very hard because every books want another texture! I still try it… coming soon :smiley:

Looks good!

I think a light from above to lighten every shelf and part of the back like in the reference pic would help. And you need occlusion. More than that is hard to say, the compression takes away a lot from the quality. Nice concept, keep working on it. Oh, and the scale on the rubik’s cube is off. It would be about the same size as her head, neither of the two on my desk are that big :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it wasn’t a very good idea to put this picture with the face in front of the ‘sitting hole’ (don’t know how to call it). I mean this is the most important and interesting part of your scene. So why do you hide it from the viewer? This way the function of this hole becomes much less obious…

Apart from that I would think about adding a nice lens flare effect for some more realism.

thanks all!

Skydiver, thanks for your offer; what do you think about this lens flare effect?

note: thanks again Graphix for your share (the drawing) !

sorry guys; there is a problem in white light… it is must be yellow light; because of ground reflections is yellow…

I did fix:

Hmm, I can’t see lense flare in your latest picture. Lens flare is something like this:

okeeeyyy Skydiver, i understand now :smiley: ! you did mean the yellow light; so no images vertices…
however, I learn some properties in Gimp, like blur…
hope you like it!!