The chair is too stiff --> cannot bend

My chair has some rails. I wish to create a rail and then array across the 2 panels. However, the rail gives me head ache. I want it to bend so that it is connected to the 2 panels but it stand still (refer to image). Does the bend function at the modifier can be used for this purpose? but no matter how hard I bend, it still stand still. The following are the steps:

a) Select the whole rail in edit mode
b) Modifier/simple deform/bend
c) Adjust the deform amount

Have I missed out any steps ? Need panado…:mad:

Another question : Anyone can recommend a basic blender book that teaches all the step by steps functions such as how to use individual functions in modifier (in detail).


i think i see your problem. see this figure:

the block on the bottom is what you have right now. the one on the top is that same block just with multiple loop cuts along its length.

Thanks Max11d.