The characters of "Quanero 2 - System Release"

Hi everybody!

My name is Phil and im currently working on a student project called “Quanero 2 - System Release” - a VR experience. We are a group of 10 people and I’m the project manager and also the character lead artist. I will try to post updates on each character as regularly as I can and will of course incorporate feedback. A few characters are already finished and I will post some presentation renders as soon as they are ready!

I/we use a lot of photogrammetry. So if you are interested in that kind of stuff stick around!

If you want any further information you can of course ask me here or go to our website.

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I’ll edit all finished renders in this post!
Thanks for your interest!

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Finished characters:

Police Android:

Additional Police Android renderings:

And some close-ups:



Alternated version with hoodie:


This is the most recent character I’m working on. He’s simply referred to as “The Drunk”. Here’s a sketch and a render of the current highpoly.

Most of the retopo is done. Here’s a quick Iray-rendering of the normal bake.

Will these characters have rigs? How do you compensate movement in the clothing if you were to rig it?

@Regono: These are game characters. Some of them are already rigged. There wont be any additional cloth sim since its in-game, except of course for dynamic on long/wide and loose fabrics.

Most of the texturing is done:

That is SO COOL!!! Not only are those renders AMAZING, but the game itself sounds really interesting! I love the idea of rewinding time in VR, and using that to solve a crime is just…I love it.
I do have on question, though: How come your unposed characters have their hands bending straight down at the wrists? I always thought maintaining a straight A-pose (or T-pose) was ideal.

Some quick Iray detail-renderings:

Final render of the drunk - not posed yet :wink:


That’s some amazing work. Good job.

Is the guys robotic leg a tribute to Boston Dynamics? Awesome modeling there and really interested in the game as well.

Hi! Thanks a lot for your kind words! You are absolutely right! Most of the characters are photoscanned actors. In the full body scanning stage the cameras were arranged cylindrically around the actors. The problem was, that there were no top-down cameras wich caused some errors on the hands when making a t-pose. We came to the conclusion that making this (awkward) pose gives us the best photoscan results and it is also suitable for simulation clothes. :slight_smile:

@Safetyman: Thanks a lot!

@FlyingBanana: You’re the first one to notice :slight_smile: I usually spend around 100 hours with a character from concept stage to finished in-game model. That’s quite some time! I tend to place little easter eggs somewhere to tribute the things that influenced me during this period. Thanks a lot!

Yesterday I started working on the “Blackmailer” character. Right now I’m bashing together some concepts. I also made a quick concept of her sci-fi jaw augmentation - wich has no additional benefit than making her look intimidating :slight_smile: Feedback - as always - is welcome!

Best wishes, Phil

Super quick sketch of an upcomig character called “Clara”. I will certainly change some things, for example her pants.
I’m also still working on the Blackmailer character. I’ll update soon.

Update on the Clara character:

Low Poly Clara