The Chicken Blender Project (Opinions)

Could you give me your opinion on what I’ve done with this site so far?

Elevator Pitch:
Chicken Blender is a tutorial site that aims to do for blender scripts and rigging what w3shools does for web programming.

Essentially, it’s dedicated to the left-brained aspects of Blender.
That’s the idea. Thoughts on my execution thus far?

I think this would fit better under news and discussion. As for the site no I love the tuts, look top-notch you can download a css template. just google for them.

Thanks for the CSS tip. I’ll make checking for CSS options a priority.

Is there a moderator out there you could move my post to news and discussion?

its awsome, great job. keept it up.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the positive feedback Hellooo. I will.

I think it’s a brilliant idea. Exactly what I came on to the forum to ask about!

Are you going to assume a knowledge of python programming?

Yes, I do assume python knowledge. has excellent documentation and tutorials if you need help getting started with Python itself. It certainly helped me.

it’s a great idea - just a couple things from my end.

  1. does it HAVE to be written in PHP? what you have know can just be done using straight HTML. unless of course if you’re going to use database driven info later, then just ignore this point.
  2. presentation is HUGE. i’d recommend building the site visually in photoshop or gimp first - it’s what i do with all the website i design - and then break it up to use with your CSS.

good luck!

I just published a tutorial onBlender objects. Did I get it right? I’m a little nervous because I came to my conclusions based on the python api docs and experimenting for myself.

Of particular concern for me is the way I explained the relationships between, say, a scene, a “Blender Object of type Mesh” and the “Mesh” itself.

I hope I got it right. Feedback from the more experienced?

Very good. I think Blender 2.5 scripting is more flexible. There are some useful scripts here:

The Python script for converting to .egg format for the Panda3D game engine is called Chicken. When I saw Python, Blender and Chicken together I assumed it was about this actively developed script. I was hoping that this thread was announcing this project updated for Blender 2.5 and Python 3. I can see the connection for the Panda3D export script (produces eggs right?) but not for a website targeting Python scripting.

Blender 08 and Avenger,
Okay, got some CSS in there and added a few other interesting bits, twitter link, and a few other things to make it look nicer. Well, back to work.